Here Are the Top 3 Travel Apps You Need for Your Next Vacation!

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  1. TripAdvisor
  2. Wanderlog
  3. Packing Pro
  4. Last Note…

Traveling is perhaps the one thing that we all can agree that we love. It is one of the best and wisest ways to spend your savings. However, traveling does come with its own share of challenges that one must face to guarantee a smooth experience overall. These challenges are mostly related to things, like finding cheap flight fares, hotel bookings, making itineraries, lists of places, and of course, packing. Thanks to the internet and digitization of everything, we have some amazing apps that make traveling a breeze.


The biggest challenge we face when traveling to a new place is the confusion about where to start. It is almost impossible to determine an itinerary based on the things and places we want to see. Due to this reason, TripAdvisor comes in so much handy. The app is a great replacement for time-consuming and tedious procedures travel agents take us through.

Firstly, the app lets customers review certain places like hotels and tourist spots. Through these reviews, you can get a fair picture of what the place is going to be like and whether you want to visit it. And in case your experience doesn’t go well, you can always help others out by leaving a review.

The app is one of the largest and most popular ones today. It is home to millions of travel enthusiasts like you, along with a bunch of customer reviews, photos, city tours, and tourist spots all around the world. You will also find cheap flight fares and hotel bookings on the app. From A to Z, the app is a complete solution to all your traveling needs.

While the app was primarily made for hotel bookings, it has now largely become popular for its “things to do” feature. This helpful feature walks you through various things to do at a particular destination. It includes price comparisons, bookings, pictures of tourist spots, events, and other such activities.


The name of this app automatically tells us what it can and will do for us on our next vacation trip. The app works like a travel log, where you can literally put in any detail and have it all streamlined in one place. The app lets you quickly put in your hotel, ticket, and car rental details, so it is all well integrated. It tells you the distance to and from many stops and destinations. Plus, you can use it to plan your road trip as it helps you discover the fastest routes quickly.

Just like TripAdvisor, this app also gives you an informative list of things to do in a particular destination.

Wanderlog is perhaps the most convenient app for group travels. It lets a group of people share their trip details with one another, so it’s all in place and well synced. You can share notes, messages, reminders, and details like your hotel bookings. The real-time group collaboration works like Google Docs, so it will be pretty easy to handle.

While you are traveling, you might not have constant access to the internet. For this reason, many other travel apps are so inconvenient because their features do not support offline access. With Wanderlog, this will never be a problem. The app gives full access to all your information and other features when you are offline. However, for group collaboration in real-time, you will need to be connected to the internet.

Packing Pro

It can get really overwhelming when it comes to packing our bags, and our mind is all over the place. Travel preparations include so many things happening at once, which is why packing can make people really anxious and unsure. Creating lists and lists of items can be inefficient while having no direction at all is not going to help either. So how does one get out of this endless cycle?

The best way to ensure that you are on the right track when packing for tour travel is to use the Packing Pro app.

This app is very well-reputed since it has received a bunch of acknowledgments for its excellent usability. It was rated the best app for travel in the US and Canada, and was featured in Apple’s “10 Essentials”. The app is an excellent choice for Apple users. It is usable on iPhone and iPad, so you can sync all your data seamlessly across the devices. It comes with many automated assistance features, along with built-in catalogs and preset lists that can help you head start your packing for the trip. If you are head of the family and need to make lists for everybody, you are in great luck with this app. It lets you add list categories like female, male, adults, and kids, and automates it accordingly. Lastly, you can customize the lists too. Get a kick from organizing and managing by creating themes, layouts, color schemes, and much more for your lists.

Last Note…

Watching movies and shows on Suddenlink TV or Optimum TV gives us all these crazy ideas about our travel bucket lists. But while traveling looks so easy in fictional movies, it requires a lot of management skills in reality. These aforementioned apps will help you get just on the right track.

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