How Do I Know Which Kitchen Knife is Right for Me?

Many general-purpose knives have been around in the market, and some have distinct features that make them stand out. One great example of this is the japanese santoku knife.

A commonly preferred kitchen item among Japanese households, it is popularly utilized to help mince vegetables, meat, and fruits. However, there is still a lot more about this product, making it an ideal buy for those who want to make the best deals out of their money’s worth. If you are interested in knowing more about this item, check out the following points!

Different sizes for different uses!

The japanese santoku knife comes with a variation in size which can be used for different purposes. Commonly, the standard configuration for a regular Santoku knife is somewhere around 5-9 inches. There is also a readily available extendable version of the knife for those who prefer longer handles, which is about 3 to 5 inches longer than the standard.

You don’t have to worry about the weight or spend more time wielding the item since it is relatively lightweight and can be easily used to cut hard edges. In addition, Santoku knives may come with a carbon steel build that is ideal for mincing, chopping, and cutting.

Bevel size? Single or Double? 

A lot of misconceptions about the Santoku knife revolve around how it can come with a single bevel configuration. However, compared to the standard chef’s knife, the santoku has a slightly feathery touch with a 15-degree angle build that is good for optimizing finer cutting.

Additionally, the Santoku knife is more preferred than the double-beveled western knives because the handle can easily be managed without exerting too much effort.

Want finer slices and a small cutting? 

As reiterated, the Japanese Santoku is specifically suited for finer cutting and handling thinner slices of meat and vegetables. Furthermore, compared to the standard Western knives, the miniature build is ideal for mincing fruits and vegetables.

If you are planning to serve small meals, then incorporating the finer slicing capability of the Santoku knife will surely help you! In addition, you can look online for various listings about the product and see if there are discounts available.

No bolster? No problem!

Standard kitchen knives often come with a bolster which adds more durability and compactness to the handle. However, the drawback of having this type of build in a knife is that it may often add more weight. Hence, it makes handling difficult for those who are not used to wielding hefty knives.

Luckily, the Santoku knife is different from the rest since it doesn’t have the aforementioned “bolster.” This makes it even fit for those who want to have finer slices and cook cuisines that require an evenly sifted cutting.

Extended feature

The Santoku knife has Granton edges which makes it easier to cut through hard meat. If you are unfamiliar with this, Granton edges are those parts of the knife scaled to reduce friction. Hence, it makes finer cutting easy to attain since no food items are stuck around the knife’s edges.

If you want to have the best experience whenever you plan to cook or try on some new cuisines, then buying a Japanese Santoku knife will be a good choice! Try this item and experience a whole new level of cooking!

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