When an invitation to a party or an event involves a gift, it causes excitement and anxiety in mind.  The thought of buying an appropriate gift creates chaos, and we start looking for suggestions. We all want to choose the perfect gift for the recipient, but there is no such gift which is universally perfect for every occasion or person. The factors that we need to keep in mind while choosing a gift would be the occasion, the relationship with the recipient, his/her interests, and season/time of the celebration. Some additional pointers to note are :

We need to do some groundwork before deciding what would be the kind of gift we need to get. Some were stalking and playing detective will help here to know the likes and dislikes of the person. List down all the possibilities, and you can come up with your combination. It will be a welcome surprise where every item can be handpicked as per their liking

Sometimes looking at events of the past and present may help to come up with the best ideas. Like a friend who has recently lost her dog would be overwhelmed if you gift her a beautiful photo frames with the picture of the dog.

Sometimes necessity can also play a significant role. Ask yourself what it is they need the most, even the richest and the most content person in the world would still have some small wishes and wants. Gift a holiday package to the busy friend who you know has not taken any time off from work for a long time.

 Many people have a wish list created on Amazon. Browsing through these will give you an idea of what they wish for. Casual discussions will help to know what are the things they would like to have. You would have to put on your thinking hat and take the hints they would have unknowingly dropped. These clues will help you get a gift that they have been waiting to buy and Lo Behold! You have surprised them and got it.

The most important part of gifting is personalising your gift. A few words inscribed on a watch or a pen, a lovely handwritten poem for your beloved, a quote of love on your parent’s anniversary, all these little additions to your gift will increase the emotional value of the gift and make it priceless.

A gift brings a smile to the face. Some people can come up with the funniest gifts that are so thoughtful and comical which can have everyone in splits of laughter.

Let’s look at some of the factors that will help us to choose the right gift for the right person keeping in mind the relationship with the recipient.

While getting a gift for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend ensure that the gift matches their personality and interests, shows that you care, and is full love and togetherness for the both of you

While getting gifts for parents, the family situation may also affect the value of the gifts. It becomes very important to look at their likes and interests as individuals and not as parents. As children, the best gifts that parents can receive are the homemade personal items like small bead accessories, photo frames. Also doing their chores for them and having them relax is a beautiful way of saying you care. A small holiday to give them their time of togetherness is also a very caring and romantic gift.

Friends are people whom you know very well. Buying gifts for friends are the easiest but ensure that you are not repeating the same every time. Since you share a lot of plans, you can surely get them something they intend to buy later. Surprise dinners, gift coupons, clothes, little memoirs of love and friendship the ideas here are plenty.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are traditionally presented with gifts at the rehearsal dinner before the wedding as tokens of love and appreciation. Without the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, the wedding would surely have been incomplete. Most of the times the same gift is chosen which could be a piece of jewellery, cufflinks etc. However, there are great ideas like sharing tickets to a game for all the groomsmen or an appointment at the spa for all the bridesmaids. The date chosen would be a future date that will help the friends regroup again and have fun as before.

These are generic ideas that can be personalized with a little thought depending on the occasion, person, relationship and conditions. The common factor is love. Choose each gift with love and care, and it will be perfect for the recipient.

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