How Does Drug Rehab Work? Here’s What To Expect During Addiction Treatment

From genetics to mental health disorders and other environmental factors, there are different reasons behind people’s drug addiction. Considered a critical issue in the US, the country is estimated to lose $740 billion annually because of drug abuse and dependency. If you know someone who’s suffering from substance abuse, treatment can be undertaken via an Ohio drug rehab or Georgia drug rehab program.

But how does drug rehab work?

A Poignant Truth

Though around 22.5 million Americans have an addiction problem, only 17% of this populace (or about 4 million) receive proper treatment. This low statistic can be attributed to the abuser’s perception that they don’t really need to get treated. Despite the various consequences of their drug dependency, what hinders them to seek treatment include:

They are not ready to let go their addiction

They could not afford to undergo treatment

They are afraid of the treatment’s negative impact on their job and other’s opinions

They don’t know where to get treated

Types of Drug Rehab Centers

When seeking a Georgia drug rehab program, it’s important to know that there are different types of rehab centers — each providing various treatment techniques and environments.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program. As the name implies, this rehab center accepts patients to receive treatment inside the facilities. The main goal of this is to minimize the patients’ exposure to what triggers them to use drugs. It also helps patients immerse more in the healing recovery process. An inpatient drug rehab center has different environments to offer — it can range from a hospital-like setting to one with a more residential appeal. There also luxury rehab centers that feature more high-end amenities.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Program. For patients who opt to continue to work or go to school while receiving treatment, an outpatient drug rehab center is the better option. Nonetheless, this entails a greater commitment as the patient needs to go to their rehab center of choice for a certain time period and frequency (Take note that time frames can be flexible). Experts agree that this is more effective when done after an inpatient drug rehab program.

Drug Rehab: How Does It Work

As mentioned, Ohio drug rehab facilities vary. But in general, drug abusers receive medical detox and various therapies that will help them fix the root cause of their addiction problem. These therapies range from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, art therapy, music lessons, yoga, and sports and recreation among others.

For an optimized treatment plan, expect for the patients to undergo an assessment first. This step is crucial to help doctors and staff understand the abusers’ physical and mental health conditions. In this stage, the rehab facilitators will get to know the types of substances used as well as other variables related to their addiction. Orientation will also be done to set the patients’ expectations.

Throughout the program, patients will also be subjected to both individual and group therapies. Educational lectures will be held. And on a periodic basis, family days will be conducted to help patients fix and foster a deeper connection with their loved ones.

Take note that the length of any Georgia drug rehab treatment is dependent on different factors. These include the patient’s specific situation, his or her clinical milestones, sober living skills, mental health status, and risk of having a relapse.

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