How to Pass a Urine Drug Test for Weed – What you should know

The society of today is filled with people from different walks of life and nationalities as well as individuals raised with different cultures. So, when you turn around and look at other people, you cannot even determine who these people are and where they are coming from. Now, when you walk down the street, all you should wish for is that the road is still safe for everybody. If you are going to assess the world today, you will hear numerous crimes happening. Who are you going to blame for those actions? Most of those criminals are not even in their right minds because they are under the influence of illegal drugs and weeds.

A lot of individuals as well as young teens today are hooked with different illegal vices, such as taking drugs and smoking weeds. Adults doing such things should have controlled themselves because they are old enough and knows what is right and wrong. While you cannot put all the blame on young teen’s parents or guardians, who cannot give them a 24-hour time. Remember that these individuals have friends and are living in a world full of temptations and people to influence them.

Anyway, finding out who is to blame will not help. If you think that someone you know is taking drugs or smoking weed, then they must be stopped before they get uncontrollable. The only thing that can help you find out, if they went back to taking drugs or smoking weed is to ask them to undergo a test. Click here to know more about the said test and how you will pass it. Anyway, we have here a few information that you should know about weeds and drug testing.

What is Weed?

Weed is often called as marijuana or cannabis. Some people also call it as dope, pot, hash or gunja. This plant usually contains a psychoactive cannabinoid THC or a delta9 tetrahydrocannabinal. Depending on the preferred use, this plant may be smoked, vaporized or even cooked. The effect of this plant to your body will depend on how you consume it.

The common form of weed is in the form of smoking the leaves as well as the flower buds, using a bong. While some people mixed it with tobacco. And then, the others use it in a form of oil, which is added to a cigarette stick or joint’s tip before smoking it. For other users, they use it as a solvent to vaporize. Lastly, others adds it to the food that they prepare though it will only take effect after 1 to 3 hours.

Drug Testing

A laboratory drug test is required for employment or educational purposes. That’s why this test is usually performed by professionals. When you go for this drug test for weed, you may undergo a urine test. This is actually the most common type of test performed, where your urine sample will be used for testing. Another type is the saliva testing or the mouth swab test. And then, the other one is the blood testing.

Sometimes, you may not avoid smoking weed, even if you are aware that you will be undergoing a drug test because you are looking for a job. What if you were asked to take the test and you are not yet ready for it? I know how tough it is to pass such tests, but nothing is impossible as long as you know how you can pass such tests. By the way, you may learn more about the various test for your awareness.

THC consumption

You are surely aware that a marijuana contains THC, right? This chemical compound can be stored in your body’s fat cells once consumed, which is usually done through smoking or ingested as an edible food. In around 9 minutes, this chemical compound will reach its peak level in your body. You cannot really say how long it will stay in your body because that will depend on your consumption and a few other factors.

For example, if you are an occasional weed smoker, it may take you a maximum of four weeks to get rid of THC completely. This will even depend on the breakdown of the metabolites, which will take up to 7 days for a half-life THC, where it will greatly decrease down to 50 percent. The frequency of smoking weed as well as how much was strained may also affect the level of the THC consumed. In my opinion, you really need to control the amount of weed that you smoke to lessen the amount of THC in the body.

Aside from that, the breakdown of the metabolites may also depend on your daily routines or lifestyle. Your diet, metabolism and physical activities will greatly contribute to the breakdown. And then, if you will only detoxify the chemical compounds, then there is a greater chance to decrease the THC level in your body. By the way, the page at will help you learn more about what THC does to your body.

How will you pass this test?

Testing may sometimes be given at random. But, as a job hunter or an employee, you should learn to set some limits. Aside from that, you should also know what to do as a preparation for a test that you are expecting or even coming as a surprise. I know that most laboratory tests are accurate, but doing something to pass and turn this test with a negative one will need some effort and patience.

When it comes to drinking water, you have to drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day before the test. You must also drink up to 2 liters of water hours before performing the test. Aside from that, you also need to avoid exercising or working out 24 hours before your test to avoid disturbing the THC level that was left in your blood.

It would be great, if you will take some vitamins, too, such as B vitamins with a 50-100mg dosage. Lastly, it would be ideal to do the test in the afternoon. The THC level would be higher when urinating in the morning, especially the very first drop.

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