How to Select the Right Pair of Cowboy Boots

Eventually, if you have finalized purchasing a pair of stylish cowboy boots, you should now go ahead with the purchase.

But before you make the purchase, you need to know your feet size. If you know, it is good, but what if you do not know? It would be best to learn the art of measuring your feet size.

How to Measure Your Feet Size?

It will help if you know a peculiar fact about your feet, and that is people’s feet change during their lifetime. It is a good idea to measure your feet once a year.

You can easily measure your feet size. Take a pencil in your hand, and place a piece of unused paper on the floor. Stand on the paper wearing a sock that you will wear with cowboy boots. Put a mark with the pencil at the end of your heel and the longest toe. Measure the length of both the marks to get your feet size.

Besides, there are other facts to know. Feet are at their largest at the end of the day. And feet tend to be more swollen in the afternoon, so it is the best time to shop for boots. Moreover, both your feet are not equal. One is larger than the other.

However, you can measure your feet size in a boot store. You will get the exact measurement of your feet.

How to Try Out a Pair of Cowboy Boots?

In your boot buying process, trying out the pair of cowboy boots is the first step. Many people make mistakes while trying out, so they end up purchasing the wrong pair. Here are how to try out a pair of cowboy boots:

Put Socks On

It is a mistake to try out a pair of cowboy boots without wearing socks. You will not be about to figure out the right size without putting on socks. 

Stand Up

Avoid trying out the boot while sitting. Instead, stand up and try out the boots to feel them while walking around. 

Find the Ball of the Foot

It is an important step in your trying process. Stand with the boots on, distributing your body weight normally on each foot. Have a feel of the boot’s broadest part, and that is the ball of the foot. When your ball fits well, you will not feel any stress while wearing the boots. 

Toe Room

Check out if there is enough toe-room in the pair of cowboy boots. Select a boot that gives you at least a thumbs width between your toes and the end of the boot. It will provide you with a comfortable toe room for your foot.


Assess the comfortability of the pair of cowboy boots you intend to purchase. Choose a boot with comfortable lining, a cushioned footbed, and cushioned insoles.

Cowboy boots come in different shapes and sizes. And when you look at the variety of options, selecting the right pair will be challenging. It will help if you refer to the infographic in this post to know more.

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