Indonesia –A nation of seventeen thousand islands.

Palembang is one of the oldest cities in Asia; it is sometimes also referred to as Kota Pempek. This place boasts a rich cultural and historical legacy, which allures wacky travelers. Once this city was called Venice of the East, but the appeal has depleted over time. The horizon with the Ampera Bridge silhouette is distinguishable and attracts many tourists. Ecotourism is trending, and many novel ecotourism parks are established. The city sprawls over 400 square kilometers and one of the ancient cities of Indonesia. 

On the eastern foothills of Mount Bukit Barisan, the city was established. The distance between the city and Bangka Strait Coast is around 105 kilometers as it lies on the bank of River Musi- the longest river in Sumatra province. Venice of Indonesia, but reprehensible infrastructure and poor planning ruined the once-thriving tourism industry. But impetuses are given to promote and improve the industry.

Best time to visit

If you plan to visit this ancient, cultural hub of Indonesia, between June and September is the ideal time. The climate of the region is tropical, so rainfall is although the year. Months between June and September experience less rain compared to other times. The average rainfall is between 104mm to 120mm, and the temperature is 280C. From October, the rainfall increases, there is heavy rainfall between November to May.

You can reach Palembang by air, road (train or bus). Palembang is well connected with other cities of Sumatra; Alang-Alang Lebar is the central bus terminus of the city. Stasiun Kertapati is the railway station; you can avail of trains to reach Palembang. There are many flights from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport connecting this city with others.


Best Palembang hotels are near Bukit Besar, from where you can access all tourist spots, cafés, malls, and restaurants. This place is a commercial hub, with numerous shopping malls and cafes. A complimentary internet connection via Wi-Fi is provided to upload, download files, and keep in touch with social media. Check-in time is 14:00, and checkout time is noon, plan your stay accordingly. The beds are large and comfortable, so you sleep well after a hectic day. The breakfast buffet is complete with local, Asian, and western dishes. From the airport, you can hire a cab to reach these hotels; some hotels provide a free ride from the airport.

Palembang Icon

Palembang Icon is a sprawling shopping mall established in 2014. Locals and tourists visit this mall in large numbers. The mall features many showrooms and shops displaying renowned international brands. The mall is acclaimed as the biggest and best in South Sumatra, which both local people and travelers love. It is a five-storied building, and from the topmost, you get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding. A small yet beautiful pool in the middle of the mall emphasizes the aesthetic value.


Monpera is a war memorial to honor soldiers’ gallantry, which they showed in the war against the Dutch, which lasted for five days and nights. The Dutch invaded the city from the sea and fired ferociously and mercilessly from tanks and artilleries to native fighters. The South Sumatra veterans Legion built the memorial in 1988. The five sides of the structure embody the five commanding fields under the sub-commander of South Sumatra. The jasmine flower symbolizes the purity of the hearts of the soldiers. 

The six branch shape sculpture at the entrance mirror six areas of conflict of the local hero to save their motherland. There is an ivory formation ahead of the main entrance constructed by sand and cement. After an elephant’s death, the body decomposes, but the tusk remains for a long time. The soldiers’ spirit and courage still live in the heart of the people; the ivory sculpture stands for this. The two landscapes inside the complex depict the war fought for five days and nights.

Visit this monument, a significant tourist attraction, but it portrays soldiers’ courage and valor and magnificent architecture. It evokes the memory of the Indonesian people’s fight against Dutch colonialism and the saga of events that occurred ahead of and after independence. Independence of Indonesia was declared on 17th August 1945.

The building consists of eight levels, 45 passages, with a 17meters height. From the seventh floor, you get a comprehensive and broad view of the downtown city, including the Grand Mosque, situated near it.

Bukit Siguntang Hill

Bukit Siguntang is a hillock with a 30meters height, situated on the northern bank of River Musi. Over this place, you will find many religious relics dating back to the Sriwijaya dynasty. Many ancient Buddha statues were uncovered from this hill. It is believed this mountain is an integral part of Mountain Mahameru, the epicenter of the cosmos both by Buddhists and Hindus. Many Buddha statuettes in different forms were excavated from this area; the scriptures on them reveal the saga of many fierce battles fought at that time. 

Sriwijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park

This park is located on the coast of River Musi, very close to South Sumatran capital Palembang. Sriwijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park is the site from where remains of an ancient civilization were unearthed. The name is reminiscing of the 9th-century Sriwijaya dynasty, which ruled for many decades. Many ancient pottery items, Buddha statues, and beads are excavated. Items made of clay and ceramics were also found abundantly. There are clear, vivid evidence of urbanization and planned city like; artificial ponds, canals, islands, and roads.

There are three segments in the archaeological park; Karanganyar1, 2, and 3. In area 1, there is a pond measuring 623x. There are two artificial islands, Nangka and Cempaka, made for recreational purposes. Seven canals connected the three segments and sourced from River Musi.

Indonesia is a great nation of the archipelago, consisting of more than seventeen thousand islands. The local cuisine is delicious and luscious, the tradition and culture are enriched, with fantastic beaches, volcanoes, and breathtaking landscapes. The Venice of East is emerging as a strong global destination for vacation.

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