Phentermine Can Be Purchased Legally for Weight Loss and Enhancing Metabolism

Phentermine is one drug that is not available over the counter and needs prescription. This drug is used with caution as it can cause addictive habits and dependence. There are alternative available to this drug and are much safer. Very few pharmacies have this drug. Always check for authentic product even if you have been prescribed this drug. Any fake drug will prove to be ineffective. Also, look for ingredients on the label. Mysterious ingredients can cause severe side effects and can adversely affect the health.

This drug suppresses appetite

Weight loss management programs can prescribe these drugs as they help in burning fat and suppress the desire to snack and eat more than required. As a side effect the nervous system and cardiovascular system is affected. Only buy legal drug that is prescribed to you. Check for pharmacies where they sell this drug legally.

Doctors decide the dosage

  • There is no standard dosage for Phentermine.
  • Doctors prescribe the dosage that is suitable for the individual.
  • Overweight can lead to health complications.
  • This drug is prescribed by health specialists if overweight could lead to complications.
  • Overdosage could lead to abuse and cause withdrawal and psychological symptoms.
  • Catecholamines are released in the hypothalamus of the brain that controls hunger.
  • Hyperactivity, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, and extreme vigilance are the side effects.
  • 15 to 30 mg of capsules are usually recommended.
  • Wrong dosage or overdose can also lead to respiratory and metabolic problems.
  • Seizures are the extreme reactions caused by wrong dosage of this drug.
  • This drug from any brand must be used with caution and be monitored closely.

Who should not use this drug

Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended this drug. Those who suffer from heart disease should not use this drug either. You can get Phentermine legally only if it is prescribed by a doctor. It is not safe to use this drug without prescription as the repercussions are umpteen. Consumption of alcohol must be completely avoided when taking these pills. This drug is classified as Schedule IV and a psycho-stimulant. Individual reactions for using these drugs are different and you cannot lay your finger on a particular result and generalize its effects.


Nutritionists and weight loss program instructors alone can prescribe this drug if this is what you need to lose weight. Do not use this drug without supervision.

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