Software Testing


Ever wish to find out the all the bugs that are affecting the executing of the programs your un on the computer? Well, the process is easier than ever with Software Testing. Software Testing is a process used to check if the softwares are working in the right manner. It assures that there are no software bugs and they are meeting the technical integrities necessary for the business. 

The breakdown of Software Testing

Life cycle activities: The basic process is called testing that takes place initially. The main agenda of designing the tests beforehand is to ensure that there are no bugs inserted in the code beforehand. The tests include working through each and every document thoroughly to check out for the defects.

Static Testing: Static testing is implemented when verification and validation of the process is done. It refers to finding various bugs without actually implementing the code itself. It is a very simple and cheap way of testing through the documents. The process involves checking through all the documents rigidly to eradicate the errors.

Dynamic Testing: Once we have completed all the testing, now is the time to check if program is ready. The software code is run to check out the results. The dynamic testing is done following the validation process.

Scheduling and Preparation: Once the dynamic testing is completed, now comes the time to get together all the results of the tests and check out if the time has come to execute the software. We have to analyze which of the test results are appropriate and suits our cause. 

Why is Software Testing necessary?

Whenever a new software is ready to be executed, it is extremely essential to see if they can actually work. Customer satisfaction is of ultimate importance and hence people need to be completely assured that the software is free of any bugs in order to proceed. Catching the bugs and defects beforehand, helps the team of developers to rectify the mistakes and then give out the software. Some of the places in the software development are caused through a variety of human mistakes;

  1. Many a times the customers give out inappropriate information on behalf of the customer’s group regarding the requirements that they wish to get on the softwares. In case they miss out any small details, it can lead to the lack of amazing software features.

  2. The person entitled to give out the necessary features regarding the software might misunderstand some of the key information leading to an incorrect software.

  3. The bugs infecting the software’s production might well be due to human lack of expertise and needs to catered accordingly.

  4. Analyzers can miss bugs during testing stage because of human blunder, absence of time, lack of  experience, etc.
  5. Clients might not have the transfer speed to test each element of the software and may discharge the item to their end clients which can automatically lead to the customers finding errors and disregarding the product.

All of these points sum up to conclude that the quality of the software is one of the key features that hugely affects the organization’s integrity. Hence, one must be aware of all the software testing in order to check out for errors and handle them accordingly. Learn more about software testing through our online courses.


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