These 5 Cleaning Mistakes Will Destroy Your Solvent Trap Cups

As of late, solvent traps have gotten exceptionally well known all through the firearm network. This little industry has developed significantly, with manufacturers having backlogs of a half year or more.

For the individuals who do a ton of cleaning of their firearms, they are convenient in assisting with forestalling messes and catching the costly cleaning liquids permitting them to be re-utilized.

What is a Solvent Trap?

A solvent trap is a gadget that is appended to the strung gag of a firearm to catch solvents and liquids used to clean the firearm.

How does Solvent Traps Work?

There is a wide range of designs; however, the fundamental reason for existing is to catch cleaning liquids from the barrel’s gag end to diminish the mess made when cleaning a firearm. Most require a strung barrel to work appropriately.

Solvent traps consistently have one end strung to be effortlessly connected to the strung firearm’s gag end. They are designed to catch and hold debris and dirt during the cleaning cycle while permitting the liquid to go through a gap to the following level.

The following are the cleaning mistakes to avoid to prevent damage to your solvent trap cups.

1. Use of a Soda Blaster:

Soda blasting utilizes sodium bicarbonate and packed air to blow away the carbon and lead fouling. Sodium bicarbonate is an abrasive agent, and if this approach is used more than once, it will harm your solvent trap cups and firearms.

2. Utilization of Corrosive Solvents:

The utilization of corrosive solvents in cleaning firearms will likewise harm your solvent trap cups. A compound that is corrosive to metal will definitely cause damage to both your firearm and your solvent trap cups.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Try not to utilize ultrasonic cleaners or steel brushes/picks with aluminum solvent trap cups. To avoid damage, use safe synthetic substances and metal or plastic tools.

4. Utilization of Cleaning Rods:

I’ll-advised utilization of cleaning rods will wear out your barrel and the solvent trap cups. The utilization of bore snakes is favored over cleaning poles. The essential contention for bore snakes is that they decrease the opportunity of harming your solvent traps, weapon’s chamber, or gag through wear.

5. Overcleaning your Firearm:

Don’t over-clean your firearm. Exorbitant and superfluous cleaning with hardened brushes and scrubbers (even those made of copper or metal) can quicken wear out the firearm and the solvent trap cups after some time.


Realizing how to clean a weapon is about something other than a pretty appearance. A perfect firearm is additionally a protected firearm and a dependable firearm. Standard firearm upkeep guarantees exactness, unwavering quality, solace, and certainty level in utilizing the weapon, just as saving your investment’s usefulness and presence.

In as much as your solvent trap keeps on being utilized to collect cleaning liquids and garbage, you are totally lawful without concern. As a solvent trap holder, you are exclusively liable for what you do with your solvent trap. If you choose to change the solvent trap for anything besides a cleaning help, it is a concrete suggestion you peruse and follow the BATF guidelines on NFA things.

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