Top 5 Folding Knives For All Your Camping Needs

Camping brings a lot of excitement and fun whether you are headed on a family trip or enjoying an excursion with your friends. However, it does require you to carry the necessary gear to keep you protected and comfortable outdoors as you are away from your home with very limited to no facilities around. One important item you must not forget to carry with you is a folding camping knife. It can come in handy in a variety of situations and having a strong and reliable blade with you all the time always pays off.

Top Folding Knives Picks

Here we have our top folding knife picks and you can pick any of them for your camping needs.

1. Benchmade Crooked River Family Hunting Knife

Even though the manufacturer has named it a hunting knife, it makes one of the best folding camping knives as well. You might be attracted to its traditional clip-point blade, but it also has a great wooden handle that makes it a perfect folding knife for campers. With its clip-point blade, it can make deep punctures quickly and also offer precision cutting. Overall, it is perfect for outdoor and everyday use.

2. B. Merry Studio Folding Knife With Polished Moose Antler Handle

The is a renowned manufacturer of camping knives and this folding knife is true to their commitment to producing the best quality knives for campers. It boasts of a Moose Antler handle and a high-quality stainless steel blade. It is 5.25” in size when open and comes with a locking blade that is equipped with a thumb knob and lanyard attachment.

3. CRKT Overland Knife

The overland knife from Columbia River Knife & Tool Company is a fantastic camping knife that features a high-carbon stainless steel blade. It boasts of a stonewash finish that offers great corrosion resistance. This folding camping knife has a 3” blade and can accomplish most of your cutting chores when you are out camping.

4. Benchmade 550SBK-S30V Griptilian

Griptilian is a versatile knife from Benchmade and its sheepsfoot blade with a coated blade finish and partially-serrated blade edge makes it a great pick for outdoor and everyday use. It’s not for heavy-duty woodcutting but offers plenty of strength and utility for most camping functions. Whether you have to cut slice steak or carve some long and pointy sticks for sticking the marshmallows on, the Benchmade Griptilian won’t disappoint you.

6. Spyderco Endura 4

This one is a durable and incredibly sharp folding knife that is just tailor-made for campers. It is smooth and snappy to open and allows for one-handed simple opening courtesy of the thumb hole. It is razor-sharp and offers a comfortable wood carving experience. It is even better for food preparations. If you are looking for a sharp, tough, and well-made camping folding knife, this one is perfect for you.

Pick any of these top folding knives for your camping needs and you’ll have yourself covered for your safety and utility needs.

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