Tour London and Change Your View of the World

Touring London can change your life completely. No matter your purpose of visiting, London has something for all. The vibrancy of life compels many to love London; in fact, London has everything for individuals with varying choices.

The attractions in the city are numerous, ranging from museums, markets and galleries. The reason why you should tour the city and encounter the appeals that make London so pleasant a spot in the eyes of many.

What are the best ways to plan your trip?

There is so much to do when you tour London; therefore, it’s crucial to plan your trip with help of Stonehenge summer solstice. Search the internet and decide the attractions that you want to view, also check out the nearby hotels that may suit your preferences.

Also, a London pass will be useful since you can prepay and avoid queues. Further, remember to pack your camera for it’ll come in handy.

What are some of the best spots to explore in London in a car?

Art and theatre lovers will adore the National Gallery and the West end theatre District, however, monarch admirers cannot skip Buckingham palace. Besides, having the luxury of a car is the best way to explore all this beautiful city has o offer. Some of the best places to explore in London on a car are;

The British Museum

The museum is an architectural wonder and a treasure of some of the most noted antiques in the entire world.  Endowed with Elgin marbles as well as the Rosetta stone, it’s the ultimate destination for all history lovers. The museum also features millions of artifacts.

The National Gallery

The London national gallery is endowed with a maze-like interior which is so big that you need a color coded map to find the route. Travelers adore the array of portraits at the gallery, hence visitors may require longer to admire the masterpieces that adorn the widespread hall.

In case you’re concerned about having your kids entertained as you savor the collections, the gallery provides audio tours and maps explicitly engineered for children.

Tower Bridge

The tower bridge is a must-visit architectural wonder and is also the most prominent bridge that crosses the Thames. Besides, it was constructed over 120 years ago and stands out for its beautiful detail, not to mention movable roads that lift when big ships need to pass through.

Moreover, the panoramas from the bridge serve as complimentary bonuses. Visitors get a beautiful view of the St. Paul’s cathedral’s iconic dome, Tower of the London as well as the latest additions of the London’s skyline from the raised sidewalks of the bridge.

Camden market

Residents and also visitors both fancy spending a morning or afternoon at the Camden market. This market sprawls with many stalls and displays almost everything from furniture to food as well as fashion items. With all it has to offer, it’s easy to get lost in the market. However, huge crowds tour the market over the weekends, making it wise to explore during the week.

What about selecting the best hotel?

The experience of touring London rises when you stay in the best hotels. However, this isn’t a big deal for there are thousands of them. Also, the best thing about these hotels is that they understand the diverse needs of travelers.

Some types of hotels are;

Lavish London UK hotels- Among them is Intercontinental hotel park lane located in a prime spot in the city and has easy access to the major tourist attractions. Moreover, it has a bar, restaurants as well as a lobby.

Discount hotels- In case you’re conscious over the budget, there are various affordable hotels too. These are commonly referred to as discount hotels in London, and they offer facilities like private washrooms, television, and direct dial telephone, among others. Also, they are well connected to central London by bus.

Tourist hotels- These are best for tourists, but there are also boutique hotels for anyone who requires some peace and relaxation.

When planning to tour London, reliable car hire is crucial. Though the centre of the city is packed with attractions, by booking a car, you can explore some of the prominent spots of appeal on the outskirts of the town. Besides, when you opt for the services of car hire, you need not worry about the routes to popular attractions.


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