Tracking Alzheimer’s or Dementia in Memory Care Facilities in Daphne AL

The staffs at memory care facilities in Daphne AL is prepared and well trained to keep watch over your loved one’s well-being, especially as Alzheimer’s or dementia progresses. These professionals track the condition of your loved ones in many different ways, from conducting major assessments at least once a year to staying alert for signs indicating a decline in their behavior.

But what you notice and hear during your scheduled visits and phone conversations with your loved ones can also signal a decline in their health condition. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your parent’s state of health. Also, be quick to discuss any noticeable changes in their attitude, no matter how big or small. Staffs at memory care facilities in Daphne AL are willing and ready to provide whatever information you need regarding the health of your loved one.

Personalized Care and Attention Are of Utmost Importance

When your loved one signs up for a memory care facility, they create an individualized service plan which caters to the needs of the resident. The facility will also create an outline of the service on offer targeted towards the betterment of your loved one’s health condition.

Service plans and outline are expected to be reviewed several times in a year depending on the condition of the resident. Ask the facility how often they are required to update their service plans. Alternatively, you can check with your state, through agencies such as departments of community health or health care services.

If you have the time, make sure you attend a meeting to discuss the reviews and changes to the service plan. If you don’t stay close to the facility, you should have one staff member call you about the updates before providing a copy of the service plan to you.

Some family members visit more frequently or call the facility more often to get updates about the condition of their loved one.

Thorough Assessment

In the event that a staff member at the facility notices a major behavioral change in a resident, it is expected that they contact the family immediately. First, they will have to conduct a major assessment of her condition. This will ensure that their personal needs are still being met. More so, the essence of the evaluation is to determine whether or not the resident require additional care.

Watching Out for Your Parent

It is important that you look out for your parents at all times. Call the facility for the latest information about your loved ones. If you call, request that they pass the phone through to the head nurse on staff who should be available to respond to your queries and concerns.

If there are any changes in the condition of your loved one, it is the duty of the staff to evaluate them. In some cases, lab tests might be required. So make sure you’re always in touch with your loved one at the facility to know their health condition.

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