Vaping gifts to give this Christmas

The phenomenon that is vaping is on the rise. The number of people who vape is doubling almost annually as on a daily basis an increasing number of people are exposed to the charms of the electronic cigarette or the vape, as it is also known. But what is so alluring about the vapes and do they make for good gifts for smokers. The answer is that they certainly make for great gifts. As to what is so alluring about them, the answer could be one of many things: the health benefits when compared to smoking, the taste varieties that are available, the nice cool smoke that is easy on the lungs, or the simple fact that it is a sociable and enjoyable activity. The reasons are many. Here are a few gift ideas that you might want to consider for those you know who enjoy a puff or two.

Give the nudge they need

Many long-term smokers have been quick to warm to the idea of vaping but slow to make the actual switch. For many, it is the initial cost of buying the apparatus itself. Maybe this is where you can come to the party. If you want to buy vaporisers Australia is actually one of the best places to do it. They are competitively priced and once the vape is acquired the cost of smoking is much less than it is with cigarettes. So, make the plunge and buy the vape, it could mean a whole change in lifestyle to your special person. You obviously need to be sure that they are keen on the idea, and they should probably be a regular smoker to start with, but if these boxes are ticked then go for it – it could just be the most appreciated gift that you will give this Christmas.

A variety of flavour

Aficionados of craft beer love to sample all the different brands and varieties that are available. So too do lovers of vaping like to try out new and different flavours of vape juice. And trust us when we say that there are lots of different styles and varieties available. The variety makes for a wonderful gift hamper. Go out and pick an assortment of flavours that you think your person will like – but also things they might not ordinarily buy for themselves. You will probably have as much fun choosing as they will have sampling all the delights that you have picked out for them. Vaping means the smoker can sample so much more than just tobacco flavour.


Time for DIY

In the world of vaping, there is plenty of scope for DIY. Experts can make their own coils and they can mix their own vape juices as well. It has all become rather technical and there are plenty of books now coming out on the subject for those people who like to dabble in the art of doing it themselves. Making your own coil can be a very rewarding experience. It saves some money, but more importantly it is just a challenge and a whole lot of fun. Look to help your person explore this space if they are that way inclined – a nice book on eth subject or the materials required to make the products could be a great present.



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