What is Permanent Lip Color?

Tattooing has been around for centuries, and as tastes and technology evolve, so do the types of tattoos that we tend to get. For those that love to wear makeup but might not want the stress or added time of putting it on each day, permanent lip color is a great option.

What is a Lip Tattoo?

Tattooing of the lip is a process by which the customer has ink injected just beneath the skin. This process adds color, definition, and can even restore the look of lips so that it appears you are wearing lipstick even when you are not. Permanent lip color is by far one of the most popular type of cosmetic tattoo and it can shave minutes off your routine and keep you looking great no matter what.

How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Last?

Your lips are a very sensitive area that does come in contact with other skin, with foods, with liquids, and with so much more. This means that your lips are going to fade and wear off over time. In most cases, a lip color tattoo is going to last for one to three years and you may need to have touch ups in between to help restore the color or restore the lip line.

A good lip tattoo can last for years and can stay looking great the entire time without much work other than the occasional touch up. Lipstick tattoos are not going to be as deeply imbedded as a typical tattoo so they do have the potential to wear off a bit quicker.

These are great tattoos to get if you want to look polished but also want something that is subtle, natural looking, and that can be worn every day. In most cases, a lip tattoo is going to consist of lining, shading, and adding an all over color to help fill out the lip and give it a beautiful appearance.

What is the Process of Lip Tattooing?

The process is fairly simple. Your esthetician will work to outline and shape your lips prior to adding any color. They will then numb the area with a topical cream and will begin work. Generally, this type of tattoo takes an hour or so to complete depending on shading, how detailed your tattoo is, and how skilled the esthetician is at providing this type of service.

Permanent lip color is a fantastic way to spice up your look, to help make your makeup routine a bit shorter and easier to complete, and to give you the confidence you need to take on the day. Lip tattoos have changed so much since they were created and they are now easier and faster than ever.

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