When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Dog Bite Injury Case

Dogs have long been considered as man’s best friend. But because of their very nature and animal instinct, it’s unavoidable how at some point, they’d bite people — strangers to them or even those with whom they’re already familiar. In fact, in the US alone, there are around 4.5 to 4.7 million occurrences of a dog biting a person every year. But when do you need a personal injury attorney Stuart FL for a dog bite injury case?

Let’s first take a look at this.

According to reports, only less than 1% of dog bite victims receive compensation. One of the main reasons behind this low statistic is that people are unaware that they’re actually entitled to get compensated if it can be proven that the dog bite is caused by the dog owner’s negligence. Many don’t even report dog bite incidents. As many cases are left unreported, many victims also remain uncompensated.

Now, what if you’ve got bitten and you’re determined to file a claim in hopes of getting paid for your injuries and other damages you’ve incurred?

First and foremost, take note that you should be confident that your injury is indeed caused by the dog owner’s dereliction of his or her responsibility. If so, hiring an accident attorney Stuart FL who specializes in this kind of case is certainly advantageous.

One of the perks you can get is being able to handle things more quickly and efficiently. As you might be overwhelmed about how the compensation-claiming process unfolds, it’s better to have someone experienced in the field to guide you. From knowing how to prove the other party’s negligence to preparing the necessary documents to negotiating (many injury cases are actually settled out of court), this type of attorney will help you in every step of the way to ensure that your legal rights are covered.

Possible Defenses You Need To Be Aware Of

As what can be attested by an experienced personal injury attorney Stuart FL, there are several defenses a dog owner may use to invalidate or weaken your claim.

For instance, you might be accused of trespassing. Under the law, if you were bitten in an area that you trespassed, you will not be eligible to get compensated. Recovering damages will also be challenging if you’ve done some sort of provocation.

The same is true if the dog owner will claim that you’re also partially responsible for your injury. For example, if you’ve disregarded warnings despite the dog owner adequately providing them.

Having A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Key

Enlisting help from an accident attorney Stuart FL can give certain benefits. One of the best is having someone answer and explain your legal questions. He or she will also be helpful in keeping things tracked and updating you about your case as you turn your attention to other important things (e.g. Seeking medical treatment, if you’re a victim).

Personal injury cases can be really stressful and daunting on different levels. Having someone knowledgeable in this area will surely go a long way.

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