Why You Should Not Marry for Wrong Reasons

It is blissful that every woman dreams of seeing her in a wedding dress. But maybe every woman dreams of finding a person to complement her, whom she adds to, with whom she laughs, can talk, listen to music, walk, and watch the stars … and all the things that they happen to us in life. Marriage can be the logical continuation of these things, the key that holds the lock on the link. And like everything, he has his secrets that remain hidden until someone raises the curtain. Make sure to click here for more and find out more about us.

Marriage can be tedious. You cannot even have moments in which you feel your marriage as a limitation and slightly jealous of your friends who do not have to go back to dinner and have the freedom to flirt with any man in the bar. Boredom and boredom are quite normal as long as they are not permanent.

The most poignant proposals for marriage

None of us thought his marriage would be perfect. On the contrary – from the delicate lace on the edge of the wedding dress to the morning wake-up kiss – we imagine everything wonderful and abundant with honey. But the honey in the jar often ends. It is in these moments that one becomes even more ambitious and overcomes the difficulties. These are the steps that build a strong marriage.

Marriage must have a lot of mutual respect and trust.

If you want a marriage because you need adrenaline – better jump with a parachute, get drunk and do a tattoo or walk with red trousers during a bull in Spain. But do not marry. Marriage is not for people with weak hearts.

Marriage includes all his terrible habits that you did not even think he had. There will be moments in which you will quietly wonder if he will ever fall asleep on the couch while you talk to him, there will be some where you will make him great scandals because it was only the last drop in the glass. But … this is the man you chose. And in most cases, it does not change.

Marriage is not breakfast in bed and sex 4 times a day. The marriage is also a wash of smelly socks, a lack of money, a broken curtain, nervous mornings, and a gross meal for dinner …

In marriage; you share each other’s day with another person. Therefore, marriage is not for egoists. You may be friends with a man 30 or even more, but married to him, the things between you can change. It’s just different.

Sometimes we need a little personal space. And this has nothing to do with love between us. We just love ourselves.

The best test for good marriage is time.

He may have promised to be with you in joy and sadness until death divides you, but he does not even want to dance with you on the dance floor.

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