Yogyakarta, the Historical Land

Yogyakarta, or Yogya, is located in the Central Java. It is one of the fascinating cities of Indonesia that has the unique combination among the ancient temples, culture, traditions, history, and natural panorama that make this city is a worth place to visit. There are many tourist come to visit Yogya to have a great vacation with their families or relatives. Yogya really can attract the tourist whether it is domestic tourists or foreign tourists. There is various diversity of culture and tradition that you can find in this city and find the local people there are really friendly. It is only a little thing that can make your vacation become such an unforgettable memory. The location distance can be reached easily since there are transportations that you can choose to pick you up to your destinations. Also, everything in this city is cheap so you can buy many things there.

There are many things that you can do in this city. Some of them are seeing the Yogyakarta temples. It is the traditional ancient building that the ancestor made it as the historical heritage. There are many temples in Yogya, but some of them are:

  • Borobudur Temple. It is the biggest and largest temple that you can find in the world. Millions tourists come to visit this temple in every year. They are willing a long journey only to see this masterpiece building which becomes one of seven wonders in the world. Borobudur mesmerizes every tourist who visits this. It is a Buddhist temple which was built well in 8th century. It contains six square steps over. The walls of this temple are decorated well with 502 total statues in Buddhist religions and 2672 total numbers of relief panels. The biggest stupa is the main stupa which is situated in the center of the temple and it is surrounded with about 72 stupas of Buddhist statues. This temple is one of sites that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Prambanan Temple. Like Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple is also one of the sites that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a religious historical temple. The temple is located in Yogya. It is a Hindu temple which offers beautiful historical sightseeing. Prambanan Temple was built in 10th century while two kings named Rakai Balitung and Rakai Pikatan reigned over the society in the past. It has 47 meters of height and the foundation will amaze you with the show of Hindu triumph of Java Island. Located in 17 kilometers away from the main city, Pramabanan Temple is the right destination for you to have a great vacation.

Yogyakarta city has so many things that you can choose as your perfect destinations. This city is full of historical sites that you can find easily. If you still confuse about where you should go when you are in a holiday, then this place may be the ideal idea. Various things that you can do there are no exception. It creates your holidays become a memorable moment. It creates your weekends become a precious experience.

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