5 Features Every Business Needs for Their Mobile App

On average, people spend about 135 minutes each day on their smartphones, which means from a business perspective, one of the best ways to reach them is through a mobile app.

Whether you are in e-commerce, entertainment, information, or providing a service, a mobile app can give your business greater visibility and return customers.

Many businesses across industries are now coming up with their mobile apps. If you don’t want to be left behind, it is high time you start getting one ready for your business. You can opt for a local developer or search for a team in one of the industry hubs and hire a San Francisco-based or NYC mobile app developer. A team based in the forefront can help you enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

Before you find your development team, you’ll want to brainstorm what your app will do and look like. Here are a few features to consider including in your mobile app:

  1. A Customized Experience

The first thing a mobile app should do is greet customers as soon as they open it. You can build an algorithm to show visitors what they would like to see by analyzing their previous preferences and behaviors. If you want your app to stand out from the rest, make sure it offers something that no other app does.

Here is why you should prepare your app to provide a customized experience for your customers:

  • To increase your conversions,
  • To understand your customers in a better way,
  • To keep your customers engaged at all times,
  • To reduce wastage of sales time,
  • To recommend relevant products based on the preferences of your customers,
  • To make your follow-up emails more relevant, and
  • To promote upselling and increase your revenue.
  1. Simplicity and Intuitiveness

Simplicity is the first thing people look for while using a mobile app. If it doesn’t help them find what they came looking for or is difficult to use, you’ll likely see high bounce rates and uninstall rates. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it is essential that your mobile app has a minimalistic design and is easy to navigate.

  • Make sure the screens are uncluttered.
  • The app should lead them to the next step of the process and not leave visitors guessing what they are supposed to do.
  • Keep things clear and eliminate any ambiguity.
  1. Search Feature

This feature can eliminate the frustrations of your customers when they are trying to find something on your app. They won’t have to browse through all categories to find what they are looking for. Make sure it gives them perfect results without any delays. Here are a few more things you need to consider while including a search feature:

  • Make sure it is a full-width bar that opens up at the top of your app.
  • Include a few options that they can select from instead of typing the whole search phrase.
  • Consider adding a few filters if you include an advanced search feature.

#. Live Chat Customer Support

If there is one thing that differentiates your app from the rest, it should be the kind of customer support it provides. You can include a phone number or an email address they can contact if they face any issues. But it would be even better if you can include a live support feature that can help them get answers to their queries instantly. Not only will this feature keep them happy, but it will also increase your conversions dramatically.

Here are a few more benefits of including a live chat feature in your mobile app:

  • It helps you save costs since you can attend to multiple customers at one time,
  • You get better responses from your customers,
  • It gets you more positive reviews, and
  • It helps you enjoy a competitive edge in the market by improving the quality of your customer service.
  1. Offline Capabilities

Most of your customers may have smartphones, but connectivity issues occur, whether due to faulty wifi or weather. An app that offers offline access will be more appealing and receive more use when connectivity issues occur. Including offline capabilities in a mobile app might be slightly complicated, but if you have hired an experienced developer, you should have no issues. Ask about this before you decide on your team.

Strengthen Your Brand Power With the Right Mobile App

The entire idea of developing a mobile app for your business is to provide more value to your customers. It increases brand awareness, improves customer loyalty significantly, and helps you build a stronger brand. It enables you to connect better with your customers despite minimal human interaction.

Get your mobile app developed right away and make sure your customers take you with them wherever they go.


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