5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Driveway

A front garden is a nice asset to have when you’re a homeowner, and perhaps you’re wanting to keep as much greenery as possible at the front of your property. However, installing a driveway can have a huge number of advantages in residential homes. Here’s why you should make this investment in your home.

1. Driveways are usually easy to install

Front yards are usually fairly easy to convert into parking spaces. You can get concrete pavers at Amber Tiles in all sorts of styles, all of which are perfect for driveways, and installations often only take a couple of days.

Driveways don’t have to take up your entire front garden. You can usually strike a balance between having a nice lawn and flowerbeds, while still fitting in a driveway, it just requires careful planning to make the most of the space.

2. Driveways can add value to your home

There are a number of reasons why a driveway can add value to your property:

  • You have your own assigned parking, so buyers know they’ll always get a spot
  • It makes your front yard look neater, improving kerb appeal
  • It gives you somewhere to store larger vehicles like vans or caravan

3. Your car is safer on a private drive

Your car is no doubt your pride and joy, and you want to keep it safe from theft or vandalism. If you’re planning to buy a new car, you should consider having a driveway installed, as cars are less likely to be stolen if they’re on private land rather than parked on the road. You may even find your insurance premiums are lower once you park on the drive overnight.

4. It can stop people parking in front of your home

It can be quite annoying to have strangers parking in front of your property, especially if you live somewhere close to a city or in a tourist hotspot. If you install a dropped kerb outside your home to allow for a driveway, then people won’t be able to park in front of it, as this would block access to your drive. A driveway can therefore give you more privacy.

5. It’s easier to charge your car

Thinking of getting an electric car? You certainly aren’t the only one. In the next couple of decades, electric car usage is set to skyrocket. However, electric cars need charging, so need to be parked close to your home. If you don’t have a driveway, you risk not being able to plug your car in overnight, which can mean you end up with a flat battery.

Driveways are becoming much more in demand, especially since increased car ownership has made parking difficult in so many areas. If you have the space, why not consider adding your own driveway? This kind of job can often be done in a day or so, and might not cost as much as you think, and once installed it can add value to your property and make life easier.

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