5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Water heaters work hard to give us warm showers and clean dishes. Yet, they don’t last forever. There are signs that tell you it’s time for a fix or maybe even a new one.

Look out for leaks. They can make a big mess! Over the years, parts wear out, and rust may show up, leading to more leaks. Also, your hot water might not stay as hot as before. If you see these issues, reaching out for a gas water heater repair service is a wise move.

Water Heater Leaking Around Base

Leaks around the base of a water heater signal trouble. Often, old age or rust leads to cracks where water escapes. A loose drain valve can also leak, needing replacement for safety.

Too much pressure inside from high temperatures or incoming water stresses the tank, causing leaks as well. If issues arise with the temperature and pressure relief valve not working right, it might just need tightening or replacing to prevent damage.

For those in Loveland CO facing such problems, reaching out to a local gas water heater repair service is wise before small leaks lead to bigger headaches.

Inconsistent Water Temperature Issues

When hot water turns cold too fast, it screams for help. This troubles many houses. It points to a bad heating part inside the unit. Experts from Loveland CO can spot and fix this issue swiftly before more damage happens. Without delay, they’ll ensure your days start with warm showers again.

Unusual Noises from the Tank

Strange noises from your water heater can signal a problem. Sounds like popping or cracking often means sediment has built up inside the tank. This buildup happens as minerals in water gather over time, lowering efficiency and shortening the life span.

Regular flushing of this sediment is advised to keep things running well. If these sounds continue, it might be time for a new water heater.

Rust-Colored Water Dispensed

When rust-colored water comes out, it often points to rust inside the tank or a broken anode rod. This rod normally stops bacteria and keeps water clear of rust. If your hot water smells bad, like rotten eggs, sulfate bacteria might be growing in the heater. These issues signal that flushing and perhaps de-scaling by a pro could fix them. 

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

A pilot light that frequently goes out is often due to a clogged pilot tube or not enough air for combustion. Cleaning the tube helps in preventing future issues. Ensuring proper airflow around your water heater can also keep the flame lit, maintaining consistent hot water availability at home. 

Front Range Water Heater and Excavation experts stress the need for prompt action when your water heater shows signs of trouble. Odd sounds, rusty water, leaks around the base, a drop in hot water supply, or fluctuating temperatures signal repair needs. Ignoring these signs leads to bigger problems or total system failure.

Trust their team for quick diagnosis and expert repair services that ensure your home enjoys reliable hot water again. Waiting costs more in long-term damage. Act now to keep your system running well.

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