5 Stylish kurtis design that will make you look a diva

We often go to a place and fall in love with a dress and right at that moment, the body shape anxiety hits us. How much a dress will look beautiful on us entirely depends on our body shape. Though most people will say that a dress has got nothing to do with your shape, there is a reason why different dresses are stitched differently for fitting the different shapes of a woman. So, let us have a look at the guide which we have prepared exclusively for you so that you can choose the best dress according to your body shape.

Tips for choosing a dress according to your body shape

For pear-shaped body

If you have a pear-shaped body, then the best option for you is to highlight your shoulder so that it can balance the outline of your figure. You can use a scarf, colorful necklaces or even pashminas for this. They will help you to highlight your shoulder in the perfect way. Or, you can even go for the embellished and patterned dresses and tops as well which will give your shoulder a broader and give you a perfect look that you have been looking for. One point that you need to remember is avoiding the Capri pants, tight pants, pencil skirts as well as the short skirts. Instead, go for the tailored, A-line or flared clothes.

For apple-shaped bodies

If you have got an apple-shaped body, then you need to draw attention away from your mid and waist section as much as possible. For people who have this kind of body shape, for them, V-neck empire waist tops and dresses are the best options. You can even go for the A-line dresses as well as the wrap dresses. While choosing a dress for an apple shaped body, you need to go for a dress that will extend below your belly and stop just below your hips. The dresses which you must avoid are the heavy tops double layered jackets as well as clingy silhouettes. Instead, you can go for the ruched, layered tops and tunics.

An hourglass shape body

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, then you must highlight those beautiful curves as much as possible. Choose dresses that draw attention towards your curves as much as possible. Avoid the loose dresses which will hide your curves as much as possible. You must wear those dresses that will draw attention towards your narrow waist so that you highlight your bust and hips.

So, now that you know how to choose a dress according to your body shape, here are a few of the Kurti design that will help you to enhance your look magnificently.

Deep neck Kurtis

If you have an hourglass body shape, then you must highlight your waist and bust as much as possible and deep neck Kurtis will help you out with it the most.

Flared kurtis

Flared stylish kurti are one of the best choices for the woman with an inverted triangle body shape.

Textured Kurtis

Textured Kurtis helps in drawing the attention towards the upper part of the body which is perfect for a woman with a pear-shaped body.

Heavy fabric kurti

If you have a banana-shaped physique, then it is essential for you to choose a Kurti that is made out of a heavy fabric as this will help to add on the volume. While choosing these kinds of Kurtis, you will need to make sure that they have a deep and broad neck.  

A-Line kurtis

If your figure represents the shape of an apple, then you must get for Kurtis which have an A-line shape as it will help you to flaunt your body shape more appropriately. Try going for the softer fabrics such as cotton or silk which will easily adjust itself with the flow of your curves. And while choosing an A-Line stylish kurti makes sure that they have a deep neckline.

If you want to look perfect, then you must go for a dress that perfectly fits every curve of your body.  A perfectly fit dress will always help you to look better.

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