5 Top CBD Brands for Pet Relief

Since we have established that CBD can help humans in many ways, we are presented with the next question: can CBD help our furry friends? Dogs and most mammals have similar anatomy to humans and studies have shown that most mammals have the endocannabinoid system. Since CBD works in humans, can it also mean that it will work on our pets?

Pet relief CBD: Is it possible?

Both CBD and THC come from the cannabis plant. CBD or cannabidiol gives the non-psychoactive effects and health benefits of the CBD products. They do not give the “high” feeling among humans and also animals. CBD is safe for animals because they are not toxic. When the intake is a lot, it will not cause death among pets as other foods do. In animals, the common side effects of CBD are minor such as too much appetite or sedation. The risk of overdose in dogs and other animals is very low because CBD dissolves fast when orally ingested and it disappears from the system in about 4 hours.

CBD oil for pets

The widely known method of administering CBD to pets is through tinctures. You can place a few drops into the pet’s mouth. When it does not work, you can mix it with food or treats.

Health benefits for pets

Many people are buying CBD oil for dogs because of several benefits.

CBD oil can reduce pet anxiety during stressful situations such as visits to the vet, heavy rains, thunderstorms, and fireworks.  It can also help in managing seizures and prevent excessive barking.

Other health benefits to pets involve relieving inflammation, joint pain, reducing mood disorders, helping with recovery from an operation, improving appetite, treating cancer, and preventing cardiovascular problems.

More research is needed to validate the health effects of CBD on pets but there have been several testimonials that have proven the positive effects of CBD for dogs.


Quality is the most important factor to take into consideration when you are going to buy something. When buying pet relief CBD, you only want the best for your furry family member. CBD is as good as the plants where they come from and not all hemp is the same. All Entourage CBD products contain full-spectrum, CBD from hemp plants that have more amount of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Entouragecbd.net has a unique cannabinoid profile that can be seen in their Broad-spectrum CBD oil that is THC free. All products are made in the US and they all undergo strict quality control.

Entouragecbd.net’s MEDGRADES is the full-spectrum CBD brand where the company has allotted its technological research to benefit the pets who have serious medical conditions.

Charlotte’s Web

This is another reputable brand that uses a high-CBD strain so that your pet can get all benefits. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for dogs are guaranteed healthy hemp oil and can ease the pain from muscle tension and arthritis.


They only provide premium ingredients for your pet’s health. Their extract comes from a 100% organic whole hemp plant. It is good for all dog breeds. The downside is that it can be a bit costly.

Nuleaf Naturals

Their full-spectrum CBD is one of the best known in the market. It has a high potency level and has been popular with many pet owners.  It is pure CBD oil and free from chemicals and toxins. The high potency makes it effective in treating chronic pain.


This is an organic CBD product and they see to it that it has the quality and is efficient. They extract the CBD oil using the clean CO2 method so this is pet-friendly and does not contain harsh chemicals. Please visit here for more details: https://www.entouragecbd.net/petgrades

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