5 Ways to Make Your Tiny Home Unique

Tiny homes are fast becoming a trend that is changing the face of real estate. The convenience, affordability, and aesthetic appeal of tiny homes lead to their popularity as people opt out of older living styles. Some of the home trend designs allow residents to seek refuge in nature while enjoying comfortable accommodation. 

There are also many options available for acquiring tiny homes. You can design your own home or get a prefabricated one from a builder. You also indulge your creativity and create uniqueness in the homes by focusing on outdoor space, window galore, storage solutions, vertical designs, and theme-based styles.   

Set the Budget

It is vital to have a budget in mind before you select your tiny home design. A tiny home construction/buying expenditure varies in suitability from the most modest budgets to extravagant designs needing deeper pockets. You also need to consider that completion/acquisition of the house is not the end as there are other utility costs. 

Utility costs require consideration like water system installation, plumbing, and insurance and do not typically come with the house. Insurance for your tiny home is imperative, and you do not want to be caught flat-footed in unforeseen eventualities like fire, burglary, and other accidents. With a budget in mind, you may indulge your fantasy in the selection of a design within your reach. 

In house design selection, you should take note that expensive designs are not necessarily the most appealing. There are hundreds of unique tiny house fixtures you can get with a modest budget. Some inexpensive fixtures include hidden storage, outdoor showers, minimalist kitchen, multi-purpose sinks, skylights windows, folding furniture, among other creative and affordable fittings, such as:

1. Outdoor Space

The outdoor space is one of the most appealing characteristics of tiny homes. The houses are usually in a natural, serene environment and allow for unique outdoor features. Open-air features like open fire spaces, outdoor sleeping/resting loft, convertible balconies, lush kitchen gardens, among other extraordinary structures, are a sight to behold. 

Options for building the outdoor space borrow from the most exceptional of designs. You can choose to construct a lounge area on the rooftop to get an aerial view of the environment and have a spacious deck. If you fancy rock climbing, you can design a rock climbing wall on the side of the house, indulging in your outdoor hobby within the confines of your home.

2. Windows Galore

Windows in houses are usually in place to bring natural light into a home. In tiny homes, natural light comes with an added view of nature’s best topographies. You, therefore, want to get the best of illumination and a breathtaking view from your conservative-space structure with unique windows galore. If you live in an area where the weather changes throughout the year, your home can feel new every season. 

Windows in strategic places within the house and generously sized will give your tiny home a great ambiance and an opportunity to play with lighting. The lighting effects provide a semblance of living within the environment without the confines of the house walls. It offers a more inviting feeling to your home.

3. Storage Solutions

Storage in a tiny home is a significant consideration because of the limited space available in the house. You would want to use living spaces optimally and not crowd the home with unsightly house items. Options for storage spaces in tiny houses are under the stairs, under the seats, under sinks, rolling shelves, under beds, etc. Other options of optimal space usage include having foldable furniture/beds, which make living room spaces easily convertible to bedrooms and vice-versa. 

4. Think Vertical

Many people forget about the upper part of their tiny home, rendering plenty of space underused. When constructing the house, you should consider adding the loft space and if your house already has this space, use it optimally. You can fold and suspend house items in the ceiling, safely storing them. The loft can also be a liveable space, e.g., conversion to a sleeping area, sitting area, library/study area, among others. 

Always remember, in your tiny home, every square footage of space and items counts, so make the best use of them. Implements like ladders and stairs are all opportunities for valuable additions to the house. You want to make the best use of your home possible.

5. Build a Theme

Tiny homes allow you to express your personality in house aesthetics. You select the colors, materials, and house structure to design the interior/exterior. This creation makes up for the tiny living space, transforming it into your signature abode. There are many online resources you can use for inspiration and create a mood board. Some ideas like seat beds, reading nooks, saltbox-inspired homes, and mountain cabins, among others, inspire the creation of homes that stand out. 

Live Uniquely

Unlike traditional houses, tiny homes allow you to experiment with your home because of the flexibility of its structure. You can start moderately, and as you live in the house, other inspirations develop, enabling you to transform your home to your liking. Mobility of some tiny homes also means you can change the environment to your liking to fulfill your heart’s desires.

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