7 Gift Ideas For Family And Friends Who Love Cooking And Baking


There’s always that someone in the family whose passion is in the kitchen. Whether it is cooking meals or baking goodies (or both), you can always find a certain kind of delight in that person whenever he or she preps something up for the family — and receives a simple “It’s delicious” or “Thanks for the food” in return. As a way of showing your appreciation to your resident cook or baker, why not surprise him or her with personalized kitchen gifts?

In this article, you’ll find the seven best gift ideas for family (or friends) who love cooking and baking.

Love Served Daily personalized trivet. Made of genuine bamboo, this 9″x9″ trivet is one of the loveliest personalized kitchen gifts on the market. With a phrase embodying one of the reasons that make cooking more than just a kitchen chore, you can customize this item with the recipient’s name. It’s also equipped with 4 foam rubber feet for better surface protection.

Make it Sweet personalized baking pan. Sweet treats can taste even better when your baker family member or friend houses them in this customizable baking pan. It measures 9″x13″x2.5″ and is non-stick. It also has an aqua-colored lid that can be easily snapped on and off for utmost convenience.

Farmhouse-inspired personalized cookie jar. Popular personalized kitchen gifts also include this cookie jar that spells farmhouse freshness. With a one-gallon capacity, this lead-free glass is the perfect storing space for cookies and other snacks made by your resident baker. It can be personalized with the recipient’s last name and initial.

Personalized BBQ grill serving tray. Serving barbeques — and any other grilled dishes or snacks — has never been more stylish with this serving tray made from authentic bamboo materials. Without necessarily proclaiming it verbally, any chef who uses this tray can ensure that what he or she is serving is cooked and prepared to the highest quality. It also features an aluminum insert that can be customized with the recipient’s first and last name.

Happiness is Cooking personalized apron. Aprons are must-haves for any cook, grill master, or baker. You can turn this seemingly plain kitchen garment into a more memorable one with the Happiness is Cooking personalized apron. Featuring a “Happiness Made by _____” phrase, this two-pocket apron made of a 65/35 oloy cotton twill is sweetly unique as it is durable and functional.

Recipe for a Wonderful Mom cutting board. There are recipes so special, they ought to be passed down from one generation to another. If your mom has that kind of recipe, then this unique cutting board is perfect for her. There’s also a version of this dedicated to grandma’s recipe.

Personalized family name mason jar. Mason jars are here to stay — they’re hip and they make serving refreshments even more, well, refreshing. With this customizable version of the popular mug, you can pay better homage to your family. This gift item allows you to have your family’s surname engraved, along with your household’s “date of establishment.”

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