7 Ways How To Preserve the Memories of Your Kid’s First Christmas

Children tend to form their first memories at around four to seven years old. If you want to preserve the memories of an occasion as joyous as their first Christmas, ordering personalized kids ornaments can help. Here are seven ways to help you out.

Take photos and videos. Apart from buying customized items like personalized baby ornaments, one surefire way to preserve your kid’s holiday memories is to document them as they happen. Grab a phone, a camcorder, or a professional camera to capture all the fun and exciting moments. Don’t forget about selfie sticks and tripods so that you can include everyone in the family in the images.

Create a Christmas journal. If you’re a more sentimental person, you can even have your photos printed and compile them in a holiday journal. Apart from adding photos, you can make it more personal by writing sweet messages and putting apt stickers and other features that can help convey your emotions.

Customize holiday ornaments. With personalized kids ornaments, you’ll have a more tangible keepsake from your child’s first-ever Christmas celebration. Today, there are different designs and themes available in the market. You can incorporate the baby’s name or your family name together with the year when that particular holiday was celebrated. Dedicate certain storage or display area for these items so that they can be kept safe until your child grows up.

Make a one-of-a-kind greeting card. Another unique means of preserving your little one’s holiday memories is to create greeting cards that your kid has “signed” himself or herself. Nowadays, many parents make fingerprint cards for holidays and send them out to their relatives and friends. They also keep a copy of their own and have them framed later on. The card can contain your kid’s fingerprint, along with yours, plus a saccharine yet succinct message stating your feelings about the wonderful occasion.

Curate a holiday playlist. Music is considered a time machine. Once you play a particular song, you can easily be transported to the past. You can recall a certain memory you associate with it. To commemorate your first Christmas with your child, you curate your own playlist of Christmas carols. When you play this in the future, you can tell your kids some anecdotes and moments attached to the songs.

Craft a holiday recipe. Into cooking or baking? Why not create a recipe inspired by your kid’s first Christmas memory? For instance, if you see your daughter as an answered prayer from above, you can create baked goodies shaped in the form of an angel. Or if you’ve strongly craved apples during pregnancy, you can prepare apple pies during every holiday season.

Create a new tradition. In honor of celebrating the holidays with a new member of the family, you can also kick off a Christmas tradition, like collecting personalized baby ornaments and kids ornaments every year. You can also rewatch a certain holiday flick. Or if you want a more meaningful option, you can choose to donate to the hospital where you gave birth to your child.

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