7 ways to spot a fake japanese restaurant

Sushi has become extremely popular these days and you can find a huge number of Japanese restaurants all across the globe. So, how do you find out which one is authentic and which isn’t?

Don’t worry! We are here to talk about 7 ways you can spot a fake sushi restaurant.

  1. The sushi rice is packed too tight

Generally, the sushi rice is not packed very tightly together. This is because you eat it with your fingers and not chopsticks. It is supposed to fall apart on your tongue. Most people use chopsticks to eat sushi but that is not the correct way. So as a result, chefs have to pack the sushi rice too tightly.

Another thing, the rice is supposed to be hot when it’s served. If it’s cold then it’ll taste a different thing altogether and you are going to hate the sushi experience.

  1. The server has no knowledge of the menu

If the server has no knowledge of the ingredients as well as what dishes the restaurant prepares the best then it is most likely going to be a bad experience.

  1. No interaction with the Chef

In traditional sushi restaurants, the chef always has a personal interaction with the customers. He tells them about the seasonal specials and what the restaurant has to offer when it comes to their best dishes.

  1. Lack of variety

If the restaurant doesn’t offer a variety of tuna, shrimp, salmon, etc. and all you have to try is one variety of each fish then you should just get out of there. There are so many varieties of seafood and it’s always fun to try different kinds and to decide which one you love the most. If the restaurant doesn’t offer variety then it’s not an authentic Japanese restaurant.

  1. The seaweed is soft

If the seaweed is wet and soft, it means that the sushi has been pre-prepared. The seaweed is supposed to be crisp and crunchy and that can only happen if it is prepared and served immediately.

  1. The Food is served in bulk

Sushi is all about enjoying what you eat and how you eat it. It is a slow process of experiencing the rich flavors of what you’re eating. It is about trying tens of different kinds of Japanese cuisines and not about filling your body. If whatever you order is being served in bulk then you should simply get out of there.

  1. The fish is wet

If the fish looks wet, it is not going to taste good at all. Also, it most likely will contain germs. The fish has to be frozen using liquid nitrogen. It helps in killing the germs without compromising the taste of fish.

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