9 Tips When Converting A Small Room Into A Man Cave

Man cave. Manspace. Mantuary. Manland. However you call it, a male-only space is increasingly becoming an essential part of a home. This is why over the years, more male members of several households are converting garages, basements, or any other small room into a place where they can be alone and freely indulge in their interests. It’s also where they can display their collections and mancave gifts among others.

If you are transforming a small room in your home into a man cave, this read is for you. Here are nine tips to make this home improvement a success.

Know the room’s purpose. Man cave has different purposes. It can be a gym, a home office, an artist’s nook, or a place to host gaming or drinking nights with buddies. As you’re utilizing a small room as your man cave, you have to identify the main function of that area.

Design a layout according to that purpose. Small rooms need a smartly designed layout so it won’t look cramped. You should maximize every space and corner, and eliminate any other element that won’t be necessary for your purpose/s. One trick is to create a focal point first. This will help you make your room more sleek and organized.

Work vertically. Another key to maximizing a small space is by working vertically. For instance, you can install hanging shelves to showcase your collectibles and mancave gifts.

Choose furniture that combines function and aesthetics. You also have to be wise when selecting your furniture and equipment. Invest in multi-purpose items (e.g multi-functional gym bench, modular shelves, art speakers). Because furniture takes up a lot of space and you only have a small space to spare, you have to marry functionality and aesthetics well.

Stylize and decorate accordingly. Speaking of aesthetics, you also have to be “strategic” about it. Meaning, you have to decorate and interior-design your room with a cohesive theme in mind. And the result should also be on-brand with your character and the purpose of your room. If you imagine yourself spending poker and drinking nights in your man cave, then you should make your room look like a cozy bar.

Personalize. You can further stamp your character in your personal space using customized decors and mancave gifts. Taking the example above, you can check out personalized poker sets, whiskey decanters, and beer mugs online.

Provide adequate light. Take note that what you’re working with is a small space. To make it look more spacious, proper lighting is key. Though a man cave is commonly perceived as a dimly lit room, inadequate lighting can affect the overall functionality of your private space. If you don’t have windows to take advantage of, you can install general, task, and ambient lighting as a workaround.

Don’t forget about ventilation. Just as important as lighting is ventilation. You wouldn’t want to stay in a room where you can’t be comfortable. And equipping your room with the right heating-and-cooling solution is critical to making turning that small space into a bona fide mantuary.

Consult with a professional. If you’re quite unsure about how to turn your vision into reality (or if your man cave ideas seem too scattered), it is best to get help from an expert in this area.

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