All You Must Know About Phenibut For Better Sleep!

If you know about nootropics, you have probably heard about Phenibut. Phenibut is a modified variant of GABA, which was first developed in Russia. For the uninitiated, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, but cannot be used as a supplement on its own. It is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why nootropics like Phenibut come handy. While Phenibut has been used for the treatment of stress and anxiety, the drug is also great for those who have a tough time with restful sleep. While FDA has not approved Phenibut for medical use, you can still buy it online as a dietary supplement. Below are some of the facts about using Phenibut for good sleep.

Is Phenibut good for insomnia?

Well, at this point, it is hard to rely on the clinic studies, because the results are extremely contradictory. If you go by reviews, most people have claimed that Phenibut does induce a sense of calmness and minimizes the feeling of anxiety, which helps in sleeping better. A lot of people think about insignificant things, which impacts their sleep, while others have issues with deep sleep. Some even end up waking several times during the night. Phenibut helps in reducing such concerns by inducing good sleep. Expectedly, this drug can cause some drowsiness, so it shouldn’t be taken during the day. Ideally, you should have your dose at night before bedtime.

How much Phenibut to use?

As with any nootropic, you have to be careful about the dosage of Phenibut. Firstly, do not take this drug for a long time, because your body will get tolerant of Phenibut, and there can be withdrawal symptoms, as well. It should not be combined with other GABA agonists, including alcohol. In fact, you need to be completely off alcohol during the Phenibut cycle. As for the dosage, 300 mg is considered to be enough for most new users, while some may take more. Under any circumstances, do not take more than 1000 mg per day. Many people also prefer combining melatonin and Phenibut powder for better results.

Phenibut is a powerful nootropic, but it works only when you opt for the right dosage and product. The powder or crystal form is best for keeping a check on the dosage, and it’s best to buy it from the right source online. Check for more details and reviews before using Phenibut.


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