Anadrol – Essential things that you need to know about it

Anadrol, also referred to as Anadrol-50, can be defined as a synthetic male hormone. It is an anabolic steroid – anabolic steroids are also known as androgens. They are used in order to treat conditions such as anemia where your red blood cell count is on the lower side. Its main function is to increase the amount of a hormone named erythropoietin. It is this hormone that plays a major role in producing red blood cells in your body. This is basically an oral product and you should ideally take it as per the instructions of your doctor. You can consume it with milk and food as well.

Side effects

Anadrol comes with some side effects as well. The commonest side effects are diarrhea, issues with sleeping, and excitement at times. In case, you see that these conditions get worse or persist for a length of time, get in touch with your doctor or pharmacist as soon as you can. However, if this medicine has been prescribed to you by your doctor there must be a jolly good reason for the same. She or he must have thought that the benefits of the medicine would be far greater than its side effects.

What precautions should you take?

Anadrol is a kind of oxymetholone and before you consume it you must tell your pharmacist or doctor if you are allergic to it or not. In case you have any other kind of allergy you should notify her or him regarding that as well. This product does have a few inactive ingredients that can lead to problems such as allergic reactions for one. You can always talk to your physician or pharmacist and get more details in this regard. There are certain medical conditions too where this pill should not be used at all.

Interactions to take care of

It is highly possible that your pharmacist or doctor is already aware of any and every other medicine you are using at the moment – it is possible that you are being monitored by them for these interactions. Before you start, change, or even stop taking any medicine do first consult with them. Prior to using these medicines do let your doctor or pharmacist know all the prescribed and non prescribed medicines that you may be consuming at that point in time. This should also include any herbal medicine that you may be using.       


In case, you have overdosed and are facing issues such as having trouble with breathing you should seek medical help immediately without fail. You can call the medical emergency number applicable for you or even the nearest poison control center right away. Also, never share such medicines with anyone else as by taking such a step you could be contravening the law. In such cases, it is always better to follow a balanced diet especially one that has plenty of iron as well as folic acid. Such a diet would go a long way in helping you counter such conditions.  

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