Avoid Doing These Things After a Fall Accident

When you are involved in an accident, it is very easy to make the wrong decisions. You may get confused, and this may get in the way of your sound judgment. But when you are aware of the things to avoid, you can easily take the right course of action no matter how bad the injury might be. 

When you know the Don’ts, you may also be able to help a friend or acquaintance after he or she experiences an accident. Once you are aware, always strive to help yourself and others when you fall or slip at work, in a store or rental apartment.

Do Not Panic- Take it Easy

Panic is an enemy. Make sure that you do not panic. Even if the accident was horrifying, try to be calm instead of getting nervous. Try to remember what has happened and quickly think about the next decision to make.

Mostly, the first decision you should make is to visit a doctor. Also, report to the manager of the store and tell them, ‘I fell in a store so that they can make a report about the incidence and help you in case you are stuck or unable to get up by yourself. 

Do Not Start Assigning Blame

The worst thing you can do after an injury is to blame yourself or other people immediately. When you blame others, you may find yourself in an argument. The argument may then block your mind and make you forget more important things such as seeing a doctor.

You may also find yourself in a fight, and since you are already injured, you may be on the losing side. You may hurt yourself more or others may inflict more pain on top of the already painful accident injuries. Therefore, avoid blames and fights as much as you can for your safety.

Do Not Disclose Anything to the Insurance

The insurance may try to contact you immediately they find out that you were involved in an accident. You should not ignore the insurance agent, but also avoid giving a statement immediately. Unless your lawyer is present and you have already talked to him/her, avoid saying anything.

Otherwise, you may find yourself giving a contradicting statement that may turn out to be the reason you don’t get compensation. It is also possible to miss important details that may fasten the compensation process.

Do Not Accept Any Form of Settlement

If you fell in a store, the owner may lure you into accepting settlement immediately after the accident. Unknown to you, this may be a way for the owner to avoid bigger liabilities should you decide to go to court. 

Imagine accepting a settlement of a few dollars, and then later you find out that the injury you have requires recurrent medical expenditures that may be too expensive? Wouldn’t you feel devastated that the company liable is walking free while you suffer with ballooning medical bills? When the organization offers a settlement, thank them and let them know that you will be open to it at a future date but not immediately. 

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