Beginner’s Tips for Camping

Heading outdoors to really switch off and connect with the environment will become second nature in no time, however, when you’re just starting out it can all seem a little daunting. Beginner’s camping will inevitably involve a few mistakes and setbacks along the way, but there are definitely a few tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that your trip is as successful and enjoyable as possible. If you get to the end of the list and are still unsure if camping is right for you, then check out Canon City cabins where you can find a cabin in the woods to satisfy some parts of the camping experience. If you like camping in a cabin then consider taking a tent next time.

Research Camping Spots

First things first, you need to find a campground to visit! A lack of research can be the difference between an awesome trip and that one disaster that you went on that one time, so put the time in and do your homework here. Look into areas that you’re interested in and explore your options for campsites from there. You’ll need to factor in elements such as amenities, location, activities, pets and cost to make the right choice for you.

Kit Yourself Out

Next, you should look at camping gear, especially if you’re planning on adopting the lifestyle for good (which, of course, you should be)! The ultimate camping investment really is a camper trailer, if you don’t have one already and you want to dive into your adventure head first then you should get hunting now. Camper trailer accessories such as generators, hoses and mini-fridges can transform a trip and make your trailer as functional as it possibly can be, so remember to explore your options for add-ons whilst you’re shopping around.

Pack Properly

Packing for camping is definitely difficult, but you can always save yourself the trouble by taking the time to pack properly. This means grabbing yourself stackable cookware, rolling your clothing instead of folding and ensuring that everything is properly segmented to avoid any spilt-food-on-someone’s-favourite-trainers type disasters!

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Don’t Forget the Entertainment

A big mistake that beginner campers tend to make is quitting entertainment cold turkey. Yes, you’re going camping to be totally at peace and one with nature, however, you’re still a human being who needs stimulation from time to time. This doesn’t have to mean that you spend your entire trip with your eyes glued to your iPad, though. Bring a guitar, playing cards, some equipment for a game or two, a good book and even arts and crafts. Whatever gets the brain going!

Let There Be Light

You need to pack plenty of light sources, otherwise, you’re just going to learn the hard way. No one wants to stumble through a campsite in the dark (ouch, tent pegs), and you can never really rely on just one torch. Bring a couple of different light sources along with you to curb any painful accidents or stubbed toes.

Prepare your Food

Food is one of the most daunting parts of first-time camping, and it’s easy to see why. The key to conquering the culinary conundrum is simply attentive preparation, nothing more, nothing less. Plan out every single meal on your menu, keep breakfasts dry, bring plenty of no-cook snacks and pre-chop everything. Decanting your essential spices and oils will save on space whilst a couple of sneaky pre-cooked frozen meals will save your will to live on those exhausting nights when you can’t face the camp kitchen.

Arrive Early

Finally, you must (repeat, must) arrive at the campsite with plenty of time to set up your trailer. You don’t want to be in a race against daylight, struggling with a hinge and scrambling to find that one thing that you can’t complete the setup without, do you? Give yourself plenty of time by leaving early and arriving at the campsite around midday, if you can.

Follow these camping tips and tricks, and you’ll be sure to get set off on the right foot for your upcoming camping trip. Remember, you won’t be a beginner for long!

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