Benefits of Evergreen Trees and hedges

Evergreen hedges and trees are popular all across the UK, with many homeowners and property managers choosing them on a daily basis for their outdoor spaces due to the wide variety of benefits that they offer.

By definition, an evergreen is a plant, tree or hedge that maintains leaves all-year round, even keeping their luscious green leaves. Plants that do not keep their leaves all year round are called deciduous plants, and although these can look beautiful, they generally don’ stay looking great all year-round, which is of course a huge downfall.

Evergreen Trees and Evergreen Hedges are Fast Growing and available in more than 100 species, ensuring that there are options suitable for all hedging and garden applications. Evergreens are incredibly easy to manage, boasting a fantastic array of benefits and advantages including but not limited to the following:

Evergreens provide colour and character all year-round – While deciduous trees lose their leaves, evergreens stay green in colour and leafy all year long meaning that even in the middle of winter, when everything else is looking dull, evergreens can provide much-needed colour and character to properties.

Evergreens provide a shield from wind – Evergreens can work as shields from wind, with wind-breaks being not only effective in protecting homes and properties from wind and snow, but also helping to conserve energy. Alternatively, evergreens also provide shade in the summer, which again, can help conserve energy.

Evergreens provide a home for bird and wildlife – Birds and wildlife need homes and safe places to rest, and although all plants and trees provide areas for wildlife, evergreens are especially advantageous because they stay present, retaining leaves all year-round meaning that wildlife does not have to be forced out of homes that they have created when winter comes.

Evergreen are low maintenance – Evergreens do not only look great they are also very easy to care for and maintain. All evergreens generally require I England to stay look fabulous is an occasional trim so that they don’t grow out of control.

Evergreens are great for the environment – Not only does an acre of evergreen trees provide enough oxygen for up to 18 people, but trees also clean the air, save water, and even prevent soil erosion allowing for many environmental benefits.

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