Benefits Of Using Intranet In Businesses


An intranet is a website that helps staff and employees of a company or business communicate securely and safely. There also software that can be used to pass information without any risks of getting tapped into. Every business has its secrets and operations that should be kept away from outsider’s access. This is why businesses should invest in intranet software for their security. There are a few advantages and benefits that a business would enjoy by introducing and using intranet software for communications done internally by employees.

1. Serves As A Safe Mode Of Internal Communication

Whenever one person would require conveying a message to one or many employees in the same organization, there are a few ways to which they can do that. It could be by Sending emails, making calls, text messages and also leaving memos at the notice board. As these are really good modes to convey information, the safest is by using the intranet software installed internally and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized outsiders. With this mode, you can send even the most confidential documents as there would be no ways this information would get out. It is fast, and its speed never goes down leading to breakage in information transfer.

2. Following Up On Work Progress

In a situation where a small business would have many competitors in a certain field, they would try to keep all their progress status at low not to be accessed by their competitors. This is why intranet for small business would be highly recommended to keep their business safest. Let the employees share their progress, problems encountered or new ideas through the company’s intranet. A good example is a production company that discusses a new brand to be launched, but in a few days, their competitors launch a similar brand and end up being loved by the customers widely. Their new brand’s information would have been tapped or hacked into through sent out emails and reports.

3. Easy Access To Employee’s Educational Materials

The intranet software acts as a good interface to store employee training materials for easy and fast access anytime they wish to. You can even decide to put up the whole history of the business since it started, things you should always avoid in the business, plans for the business and even figures about the business that you may wish to share with the employees. If an outsider got access to this information about your business, you probably wouldn’t stand a chance of competing with them because they would be in an advantage higher point against you.

There are so many situations that businesses, companies, and organizations go through during their day to day running. These are very symbolic to either their growth or downfall and hence this information should be kept completely away from the outsiders and even worse the competitors. Make it the first task to train new employees on how to use the company internet software and also make sure always to debrief leaving employees to avoid critical data and information compromise.


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