What You Should Know about the State of Internet Marketing in Thailand

Widespread internet access has completely transformed the way businesses sell and market their products. Businesses also have to find ways to adapt and learn how to reach their target audience in this new connected world. But in order to reach your target audience, you have to understand it first and foremost. Internet marketing is growing fast in Thailand, and if this is one of your main target markets, we’re going to give you a few insights on the Thai audience and how to adapt your internet marketing strategy accordingly.

The State of Internet Marketing in Thailand

Thais are one of the most connected people in the whole world. As a matter of fact, Thais exceed any other country in terms of time spent on the internet and mobile data usage.

Thais were also ranked #4 when it came to time spent on social media, which is another thing you’ll have to consider when setting up your marketing efforts. But what’s most surprising is that digital marketing only accounted for roughly 1% of the total ad money spent in the country. That not only means that local businesses are still lacking in this department, but that anyone with even a basic but efficient online marketing strategy will be able to get an edge over the competition.

What Marketing Methods work the Most in Thailand?

Online marketing methods come and go, but certain methods have been tested as true when it comes to attracting leads and converting them into clients.

If you want to set yourself up as an authority in your niche, you’ll have no choice but to invest in content marketing. The cornerstone of your content marketing strategy should be your blog, and you should focus on constantly publishing content that is useful and laser targeted for your audience if you want to get any results.

But without a strong social media presence, you’ll have difficulty gaining traction for your blog. So, you also have to build a strong social media community and engage them with offers, resources, and interesting content. Understanding search engine optimization, especially at the local level, is also a great way to build brand awareness with your local audience.

Digital Marketing Agencies and their Role in Thailand

So, with all these encouraging numbers on internet usage in Thailand, why don’t Thai businesses spend more money and time on internet marketing? Well, the reason is simple. While they would like to market their businesses online, a lot of them simply don’t know how and where to start.

Luckily, internet marketing Thailand agencies are just as competent as those in the west and will have expertise on the local market you won’t find anywhere else. Their prices are also much more competitive. So, if you’re trying to penetrate the Thai market, having a great local agency on your side is the only way to go.


If you were thinking of marketing your business in Thailand or are based there and would like to reach your online audience, make sure that you keep learning about the local market and use as many online marketing tools as you can, until you find what works the best for your business.


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