Best foods to eat for improving your body mass during steroid cycles

The moment you speak of steroids, it is certain that most people feel you are talking about illegal drugs. Steroids are strength enhancing drugs that are used by many athletes and sportsperson to improve their performance. There are a number of conditions that are also treated using steroids that are prescribed by health experts. These prove helpful in improving the body lean mass and strength. When taking steroids most physicians often prescribe patients foods to eat when on steroids.

Not much of guidelines are given about the type of foods they are supposed to eat.

Sources of proteins

When under steroids it is ideal to consume more of proteins. Steroids often tend to increase the level of testosterone in the body. This, in turn, helps in building new muscles tissues. It is important that your body should get a regular supply of proteins to build and maintain muscle mass. It tends to derive this protein from your body system.

To compensate for this you should try and add more of chicken, meat, fish, animal tissue, dairy products and other foods that are a rich source of proteins. You need to keep in mind that animals also have tissue that is rich in proteins. Once the body has consumed protein it will act on it and break it down into amino acids components. The increased level of testosterone further helps in transforming amino acid into muscle tissue in humans.

Cholesterol and diet fats

When speaking of foods to eat when on steroids fats are important. It is advisable to consume more of healthy fat food. In the past, these types of food have also managed to gain less popular as people believed that fats are related to obesity.  You need to keep in mind that facts offer your body with energy to perform its daily task. You also need to keep in mind that cholesterol is considered as testosterone precursor in the body.

According to studies, it has been revealed that fats and cholesterol found in an egg is the perfect combination of our body. It is a supplement food that can be best used at the time of strength training program.

You can also try and include foods like salmon and codfish. These are considered as strength giving foods to the human body. You have to remember that fats are an important source of food that will help your body tissues to regenerate. This is why more health experts suggest eating more of carbohydrates and fats. It also helps in muscle building program. It is not possible for the human body to survive without fats and carbohydrate diet.

Complex carbs

It is also advisable to try and restrict your carbohydrate intake to complex form.  These are carbs that are rich in fibres.  You can include foods like vegetables and grains. Some of the foods that can be included in your daily diet are cauliflower, bran, oats and other vegetables. These foods are rich in fibre and prevent your muscles from getting overheated when performing. When taking steroids it is also advisable to avoid consuming sugar foods.

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