CA Vs CS: What Areas of Expertise Are Required to Build A Successful Career?

Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary courses are very popular among the certification courses in finance.We discuss the importance of studying them.

Are you thinking about building your career in the sphere of finance? Studying to become a chartered accountancy, or becoming a company secretary, could be excellent options to choose. Both are finance courses that are chosen by a large number of aspirants. However, do bear in mind that both are among the most intensive and arduous branches of studies among the various certification courses in finance. If you’re up for the hard work, you can look forward to an extremely fruitful career as a chartered accountant or a company secretary.

However, before taking up one of these certification courses in finance, it is critical that one clearly understands the difference between the two. Often, students fail to distinguish between chartered accountancy and company secretary studies, mistaking them to other, similar finance courses.

The basic difference remains that while chartered accountants have to deal primarily with accounts, company secretaries basically work in corporate governance and a range of company stakeholders.

How to become a CA or CS?

  • As an aspiring chartered accountant, you will have to clear three levels – Competency Professional Test, Integrated Professional Competence and the final exam. There are three levels to clear for CS studies too – the Foundation Course, Intermediate and the Final course.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the regulator for Chartered Accountancy, while the Institute of Company Secretaries of India is the CS professional body that administers the profession. Most countries have their own regulatory body and among the recognised ones are from India, USA, England, Wales and Ireland.
  • Both finance courses will require an aspirant to be dedicated, hardworking and patient. Indian institutes are particularly known for providing the best of training in these certification courses in finance.  

Career Opportunities

  • Both branches offer very lucrative career options. As a chartered accountant, you will work in areas of accounting, taxation, auditing, etc. A professional company secretary will find work as a corporate strategist, advisor, legal expert, etc.
  • A chartered accountant can also be self-employed and will find more than a few opportunities in his/her area of expertise. Should you wish to take up the responsibilities of a company secretary while working as a chartered accountant, you can do so. Make sure you check the prerequisites first. As a company secretary, you will need additional qualifications to become a CA.
  • Whether chartered accountancy or company secretary courses, you cannot really pit one against the other. While the former plays a very important role dealing primarily with accounts, a company secretary is no less important being responsible for criticalities like compliance.
  • There could be some common duties, but the difference between both professions is wide. Eventually, the decision is yours to take as you choose the best finance course for yourself based on your interests.


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