Car Accident Injuries – Know Different Types

Most of the car accidents lead to severe injuries. The car accidents unfortunately taking place all across the world result in critical damage to various parts of the human body and hence become the cause of huge economic cost as well. In the United States, the number of car accidents is rapidly increasing in every year and it has become a serious concern for all. Some of the formerly occurred car accidents in the US caused death whereas other accidents resulted into dire injuries.

However, car accident injuries may differ from collapse to collapse, from person to person in general. There are a few common car accident injuries that can be deduced from various mishaps. Ponton Law professionals have provided you with a brief overview of different injuries.

Head Injuries

Most of the horrible car accidents cause head injuries and this is very common and equally dangerous for the travelers. The drivers as well as passengers seated in the cars often got their heads collided against any hard automotive parts such as dashboards, steering wheels, windows etc. in high-speed crash. Such accidents lead to traumatic brain damages including comas, lifelong cognitive issues and mild concussions.

Neck Injuries

Whiplash is another well-known type of car accident injuries. It refers to sudden injury resulted from a severe jerk to head & neck, usually in car accidents. Due to rear-end collision, whiplash injuries can lead to critical neck muscle damages, even lifetime damage to ligament as well. Based on the health of passengers injured and the nature of car accidents, whiplash injuries vary from person to person.

Chest Injuries

Car accidents may adversely affect your chest area. Blunt trauma caused by car accidents may ultimately lead to damaged lungs and broken ribs. Such chest injury sometimes causes sudden cardiac arrest in the persons having heart problems. Other critical conditions related to chest injuries from a car accident include lifelong damage to pelvis, abdomen & other internal organs, internal bleeding in chest etc.

Back Injuries

The back portion of a human body doesn’t remain completely immune to a dreadful car accident. Most common back injuries involve severe harm to spinal cord, which eventually results into sensitive nerve damage. Moreover, the injury is followed by reduced feeling of and control over limbs & other body parts, whereas more critical spinal cord damage may leave the patients paralyzed forever.

Other Physical/Psychological Injuries

Other forms of car accident injuries involve damage to limbs such as hands, arms, legs & feet. Such injuries may be less dangerous or significant in terms of severity. Car accidents sometimes cause emotional distress and other noticeable psychological injuries as well.

Legal Solution to Car Accident Injury

If you have met a terrible car accident and got severely injured, you should not waste much time to seek advice from an experienced car accident lawyer. The legal representatives will understand your case and provide you with absolute legal assistance to cover your medical expenses as well as lost earnings. Make sure to hire a lawyer who has rich experience and remarkable success in handling such cases.

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