Carpet cleaning method without washing


Carpet is one of the aesthetic elements that give a touch of taste to the home, and the choice is the key to the elegance of the home, where a carpet must be chosen in the appropriate size of the room, and must be suitable for the color of each room, with the choice of carpets, The furniture was decorated, the carpet must be simple, although the furniture was of a uniform color, the decorative carpets could be chosen.

The carpet must be of a different color than the color of the paint and the color of the furniture. If the color itself has to be of a different degree, in order to choose the carpet for the reception room, it must have a touch of sophistication and luxury. .

Carpet cleaning method without washing

The carpet may suffer from various types of stains, whether shoes, mud spots, coffee, or drink. These stains can be eliminated without washing the carpet by following one of the following methods:

Carpet cleaning with dishwashing liquid

You can get rid of the stains that affect the carpet using water and dish washing methods, by following the following steps:

Two empty spray cans are used, fill the first with a cup of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and fill the second with cold water only.

Spray the detergent on a liquid absorbent cloth, then place the cloth on the spot in the carpet, because spraying the solution directly on the carpet helps to soak it heavily.

The spot begins to go out on to the cloth, and the process must be continued until the spot is fully absorbed.

Spray another cloth with cold water, used to dispose of detergent cleaners, and then use the same method but dry cloth to dry the water.

Place a piece of paper towels on top of the spot and then place a heavy-sized tool to absorb the remaining liquid in the carpet.

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Soda carpet cleaning

You can get rid of carpet stains using soda, by following these steps:

In the beginning, the spot should be dried quickly. It is best not to absorb the entire patch so that the spill does not reach the bottom of the carpet, so that the mold does not form or the carpet becomes smelly.

Soda is placed lightly on the spot where the spot is a slick or juice, and then rubbed with a dry piece of clothing until the whole spot is out.

Carpet cleaning with milk and cornstarch

It is possible to get rid of the ink stains that affect the carpet by using milk and corn starch, by following the following steps:

Apply a small amount of milk with cornstarch in a small bowl, and then mix the ingredients into a paste.

Place the dough on the spot in the carpet.

Use an old toothbrush to rub the putty on the carpet until it comes out completely.

The dough helps remove the ink from the carpet and remove it completely.

Carpet cleaning using household cleaning mix

Carpet patches can be cleaned using a mixture of ingredients in the home, away from chemicals, by following these steps:

The home carpet cleaning package consists of a quarter cup of vinegar, three quarters of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, two large laxatives of cloth, five drops of aromatherapy oil, and 4.54 liters of water.

Mix the ingredients with each other.

This mixture is used in a special carpet cleaning machine instead of using expensive chemicals.

Carpet cleaning with ironing machine

You can get rid of stains by using the ironing machine, by following these steps:

At first you should clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

A lot of vinegar is made with three amounts of water.

Use a towel immersed in the solution, then put on the spot.

Use the ironing machine on the towel wet with solution to get rid of the spot.

With the ironing machine moving, the spot begins to go out to the towel.

You should stop ironing as soon as the spot is complete.

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Tips to help clean carpets

You can clean the various types of stains that affect the carpet, by following these tips:

Water can be used if the stain is like a blood stain, so that it comes out of the carpet, but you should not rub the carpet strongly, because it will make the spot worse.

Putting the vinegar on the carpet helps remove stains and odors from the carpet, by mixing the amount of water with the amount of vinegar.

Using baking soda helps remove mold stains, or places with bad smells in the carpet. The carpet can be sprayed with baking soda and left for several hours before being removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Putting the potatoes on the carpet removes bad odors, but leaving it for a long time can cause the mold to appear on the carpet.

The use of a vacuum cleaner helps to clean the carpets of sand and dirt, and this is the easiest way to clean carpets.

The use of a cup of baking soda with ten drops of an essential oil, helps to spray the carpet by spraying it for at least thirty minutes, and then be disposed of using a vacuum cleaner.


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