Cell Phone EMF Protection

EMF otherwise referred to us as Electric and Magnetic fields in full can be sourced from a number of machines in the world, the chief being mobile phones. Today, a whopping 6.9 billion mobile phones are in use across the globe, a figure that may sound unreal to you but these gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives.

There is no way to avoid using a mobile phone, and according to research, cellular phones never stop emitting EMF as it is the way through which they communicate with fixed antennae across the globe. Contrasting other waves such as the X-rays and gamma rays that cause ionization in the body, EMF do not alter chemical bonds, and they are easily absorbed into the human body.

Unlike the naturally occurring EMF in our bodies, artificially produced EMF pose severe effects to our bodies such as affecting the way; the brain’s electrical energy works, cognitive functions are carried out, we sleep, our blood pressure and recently a relationship between EMF and brain tumors has been established.

All these effects, along with others like cell membrane damage, DNA damage, loss of calcium ions and augmenting conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even heart disease, call for a solution. A way to curb these EMF radiations that one cannot help but interact with in the daily operations.

On all the studies, the number one option has always been getting a cell phone EMF protection. The EMF protection is meant to deflect the EMF and thus shield the user, especially when one is using the mobile phone. However, in today’s competitive business market, one can easily wonder whether these cell phone EMF protection shields work. Well, as it goes, prevention is better than actually curing an ailment, thus if one can manage to keep their distance from EMF towers such as cell phones the better.

Nonetheless, staying away from cell phones is not guaranteed, and that is why you need to carefully scrutinize the shields in the market compare and contrast until you can come up with the ultimate cell phone EMF protection shield. A good example of EMF protection for cell phones is a simple sticker that can be attached to the back of your phone.

Other ways that have been devised to deal with this menace include; use of healing crystals, creation of low EMF sanctuaries, removing of smart meters, being in contact with the ground when exposed to EMF so as to act as some kind or earth and generally keeping one’s distance from EMF towers. Looking specifically at the cell phones as EMF sources, studies have proven that, keeping them away from certain specific body parts such as the head, using them in areas with a good network reception and ensuring their battery level is high whenever in use can also aid a long way in reducing exposure to EMF.

Even after a lot of comparisons, most find it challenging to choose the right EMF protection shield as almost all the companies out there describe their product to be best; that is where we come in. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and free US express shipping, SafeSleeve covers a Universal Cell Phone Case that encompasses the FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology that keeps you safe from 92% of ELF and 99% of RF radiation.

The phone case also offers a built-in RFID blocking wallet that can easily slide to allow for picture taking. Such a product with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy will enable one to test and check it to their satisfaction, thus, ensuring that indeed the shield works as claimed.

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