Dealing with Negative Online Reviews in Healthcare

The reputation management agencies around the globe know that there are many different industries who have negative online reputation issues and one of those markets is the healthcare market. Right now, the internet is making it so easy for patients and other healthcare consumers to search for the best healthcare services and products along with most of their purchasing decisions based on online reviews. People are found forwarding negative reviews to friends five times more than a positive review and that’s the reality of this industry now.

Play safe

Patients who write negative reviews and doing this due to negative opinions on other issues such as billing practices, operating house and so on therefore it isn’t just about medical advice and concerns.

Keep your words in control

You can be apologetic if consumers are writing some negative reviews on your hospital or care center for their inconvenience. Don’t write any lengthy responses since it makes the situation escalate and that’s why keeping your comments short is important.

Use negative comments to tweak your service

When it comes to the healthcare business, patients’ feedbacks act as an eye opener for doctors as they get an idea of where they are going. When it comes to consumers’ reviews, it gives sellers in the healthcare industry the opportunity to be able to correct and improve their offerings to consumers. Sometimes just taking these comments and insights can help you improve your business and you should always be open to this.

Give the responsibility to a professional

It is important to listen to this since being an owner of a healthcare business is no joke. Since you run so many things in a healthcare business, taking care of social media is hard to keep track of but you still need to be able to deal with public opinions.

Ignoring is not your option

Sometimes ignoring someone can work depending on the reviews but most companies actually learn to respond to negative reviews and in a sense hope that the person writing it can be compensated in some way so that they can take it down. People only read headlines no one cares to click on the 2 star rating and see what the issue was and that’s the reality of this industry.

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