Decadent and Sinful Chocolate – Draped Black Forest Cake Online


Biting into a soft and creamy mush of black forest gateau – sounds mouthwatering, dreamy and sinful already, isn’t it? Classics like black forest cakes, pies, English muffins, and tarts can never go wrong and are all-time favorites for most in the world. Think about it – layers of delicious chocolate sponge sandwiched with sweet and velvety whipped cream with quite a handful of cherries, everything in the ensemble screams deliciousness and magical. That describes a perfect black forest cake folks! Now, are you craving some? If yes, you’ve found yourself in the right place. We love treating your taste buds with luscious and delicious desserts. Proud to have a crazy sweet tooth? We can be real, good friends then! Just order your black forest cake online with us and satiate your cravings like a cakewalk.

Let’s dig deep and get to learn more about the cake first. Best known as the finest-in-class German dessert, Black Forest cakes have a history behind it. Many reckon that the name of this dessert is coined after the Schwarzwald mountains of the Southwestern region in Germany, also famous as the ‘Black Forest.’ However, there is very little truth in theory. The German dessert has been named so, owing to an exclusive ingredient added to the cake for an enhanced flavorsome experience. Any guess what that might be? Well, it is the liquor or more so a cherry liquor known as kirschwasser that’s drizzled in the cake. Still not sure why the cake has been named ‘The Black Forest’? Kirschwasser is a clear spirit extracted out of sour cherries and is exclusive to the Schwarzwald region in Germany, hence the name ‘Black Forest.’

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The question that pops up now – does a black forest gateau or cake have alcohol in it? Before answering this question, let’s not forget that the dessert is time-honored and classic. Yes, alcohol and spirits are traditionally used in the desserts. Sometimes, even rum is incorporated in the cake to cut back its rich sweetness with just the right amount of robust alcoholic flavors. Rum as a prime ingredient in the cake mix is a popular recipe in Austria.

Don’t worry if you are not a big fan of alcohol, especially in your dessert! Black forest cakes in India are not baked using clear spirits or rum. No nuts, no alcohol, this cake is a heavenly mix of chocolate sponge, whipped cream, and pitted whole cherries.

Here’s a little tip for you – to get a perfect slice of your favorite black forest cake, refrigerate it for a few minutes and then cut your slice.

Much has been spilled about this age-old dessert. Now, if you are looking to get hands on this delicious cake right away, order your black forest cake online and let Bakingo do the hard work for you. Wondering what’s that? Well, baking a perfect Black Forest Cake that is guaranteed to leave you craving for more once you’ve gobbled up all.

Not entirely sure about the boring round shape? Well, we bring you options of all kind. Shapes or toppings, you can pick from a variety of cake options up for grabs. One promise though – the crazy bunch at Bakingo never compromises on big flavors. So, whether it is your midnight craving, celebration or just a happy carousing experience with friends and family, order black forest cake online at Bakingo and wrap it up with big gleeful smiles.

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