Deciding the Ending of Your Domain Name

A small point before continuing, I personally do not recommend adding a hyphen between words in domain names. It becomes more difficult to write and find. But if this is the only option, you can consider this.

So .com names are hard to find at domain services. If you already have a business name, then the choice may be a bit easier.

You can choose your full company name or the company name + a related word. These are the simplest options, of course. And if you think you have an idea, go ahead and check out the available endings.

Dot Me

This is a common choice for people with a personal brand, or a name that works well with a final .me. Again, this is not the best choice, but if they are not available then it is another option. But again, it’s not common and it’s easier to fiddle with people looking at you. Biz is perhaps the exception, but it is not well known and is rarely used.

If you choose a name like this, try to always include in your brand so that it becomes known. If you are doing business locally (eg only in your country) then a country domain name is the final option. It’s probably easier to find the name too.

If you live in a country, you probably already know what your country is ending. The most common examples are:

  • Canada .ca
  • United Kindgom .uk (other options, but this is equivalent to .com)
  • Australia (other options, but this is equivalent to .com)
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland .ch
  • Germany .de
  • And, of course, many more.

Creative Endings

You’ve probably seen these kinds of names around, such as

  • fm
  • us
  • be – YouTubes new domain name

Again, this is an option, but beware that many people do not remember or know that your name or brand chose this option instead of .com, and could land on the wrong website. So continued branding to this name is important. Finally visit the site of domain name registration.

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