Decluttering – How to Decide What Items to Throw out During a Move.

Are you planning a move and worried about the hefty costs? There are various ways to cut on moving expenses. A perfect example is disposing of what you don’t need. Relocation is an opportunity to start life in a new place. And you don’t have to move with all the baggage.

Here’s how to decide on the items to dispose of:

Think of the type of move

If moving locally, you can hire removalists to ferry all your household items- and for a reasonable cost. You expect minimal lifestyle and climate changes, and you’ll need most of your items in your new home.

However, this may not be easy for inter-city or international moves. First of all, the cost will be higher, and you should carry things of sentimental value. For the bulky items, consider disposing of them and acquire new ones later on.

Consider the value of the item

The financial value of an item matters a lot during a move. You don’t want to throw away costly appliances and take months to save up for another one. Ask yourself questions like;

Do you use it often?

Is the item convenient, and does it make your life more comfortable?

What’s its condition?

Is there enough space in your new home?

By answering all these questions, you’ll determine whether you still need the item or not.

 How much space do you have?

You also want to consider the amount of space occupied by your appliances and furniture and if your new home can accommodate all that. You don’t want to squeeze your things in a cramped space.

So, take room measurements in your new place and only carry what fits in the available space. If you own bulky furniture and beds, consider selling them, and acquire space-friendly pieces once you settle in your new home.

Consider the moving cost.

Cost is a critical aspect during relocation. I presume you have a budget and can’t overstretch this. The cost of moving normally depends on the distance and the appliances being moved. For local moves, the cost depends on the time taken.

But the weight of the shipment matters during long-distance moves. High quality and durable materials are also used during long-distance moves, thus the high cost of services.

What items should you leave when relocating?

It’s not easy letting go of some times, but you have to do this, anyway! Make your choices, and compare the hassle of moving such items to the cost of acquiring new ones. Here are suggestions for things to cut down;

Bulky items

These include books, DVDs, large electronics like computers, and DVD players. You can always donate or sell them online.


It’s easy to over-pack when it comes to clothing. Carry what you wear regularly, and dispose of the rest. Consider the climate, though! You may need some pieces in your new place.

Old furniture& Other junk

Furniture is bulky, and this is probably the best time to let go. Maybe, you also have other unused items sitting in your garage; these may be old bathroom items, papers, faulty vehicles, kitchen appliances, and more.

Final thoughts

Some items are difficult to move or are highly sensitive and prone to damages during relocation. It’s wise to leave them behind and not risk incurring breakages during the move. Nonetheless, you require an experienced team to help pack and transport your item. And should hire a professional mover company.

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