Decorating with Armchairs: A Buying and Styling Guide

Armchairs really are just the epitome of classic comfort and style! They are a traditional piece that’s long been linked to luxury, but lucky for us in the modern age we can all grab a slice of indulgent relaxation and undeniable comfort by grabbing ourselves an armchair of our own. Whether you’re furnishing your home from scratch or you’re simply looking to invest in a new piece to up the comfort factor of your living space, your armchair can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your chosen room. Follow this guide to finding and styling your armchair flawlessly…

Make measurements

First things first, you’ll need to dig up that measuring tape! Making measurements means that you’ll be shopping for an armchair that’s going to blend seamlessly into your space. Purchasing pieces to scale is very necessary, you don’t want to over power a room with a piece that’s way too big, but a huge room is also going to look odd with a compact chair sitting in it. Save yourself the trouble and note down your numbers to carry with you wherever you shop – this becomes all the more essential when you’re shopping online!

Shop within a category

Decide on a style direction to guide your browsing process. This will, of course, largely depend on whether you are styling your home from a blank canvas or you’re adding to your existing decor. If you’re into the boho, Hamptons or country styles you’ll want to steer towards plush rich fabrics, reclaimed timber and rattan armchairs. Maybe you prefer clean lines and crisp, clean colours? Look for minimalist leather, cotton and linen armchairs in elegantly uncomplicated shapes for a comfortable and contemporary home addition. Determining your aesthetic direction before you shop will make everything easier and faster.

Be mindful of materials

Materials make a massive difference when you’re shopping for armchairs! One of the fantastic things about upholstered fabric armchairs is that you can always switch out your fabric choice down the line. If you’re looking for a light and comfortable armchair then you should look at linen, cotton and woven textures. For a spill proof option that wears beautifully, leather is always going to be great. Maybe you’re looking for something that’s rich and eclectic in feel? Silk blends or velvet armchairs are amazing to look at and very comfortable if you don’t mind committing to upkeep. Families who are after budget options that are totally kid proof should stick to microfiber blends or rattan styles. Materials make such a big difference to the look, feel and longevity of your chair, so make sure that you do your homework before you fall in love with any styles.

Play around with placement

Once you find yourself with your dream armchair, you can start to toy around with your choice of placement. Where you position your armchair can make a huge difference to the piece’s function and feel, so try out a couple of options to land on the best choice for you. You can try placing yours in your living room to enhance your sofa set, in your home office for a comfortable alternative to your work chair, a bedroom to establish a little reading nook or even in your dining room for a cosy after dinner social spot.

Get shopping!

Now that you’re an expert on all things armchairs, it’s time to get shopping! Start hunting for options once you’ve got your measurements on hand to find your perfect fit.

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