Differences between the Daily Life of Teenagers Today and 100 Years Ago

Over the last one hundred years, numerous changes have occurred across the globe. Technological innovations, shifts in gender roles, and changes in religious and societal settings have subsequently affected lives in different ways. For teenagers today, life differs substantially from that of counterparts a hundred years ago. 

Although many scholars point out that associated technology has increased immorality and deteriorated religious beliefs, today’s teenagers experience many positive changes. Such include improved entertainment, communication, education, and socialization. Additionally, the society has embraced gender equality and increased educational opportunities for all teenagers. The society has also overcome racism substantially and achieved an extent of global integration.

One of the most remarkable developments in today’s society that never existed a hundred years ago relates to various innovations in terms of electronics. Computers, cellular phones, electronic calculators, iPads, music systems, pagers, smart phones, scanners, and printers have modified the lives of today’s teenagers significantly. 

Considering the role played by such electronics in communication, education, and entertainment, today’s teenagers appear better placed in these fields than those a hundred years ago. Noting that none of these gadgets existed a century ago, Hagell a creative writer at  Essay Ever, explained that the ability to call one another easily, interact limitlessly, share music and video files, and learn by use of technology has made today’s teenagers more socialized and informed. 

Nonetheless, a contrary argument by Moore and Simon indicated that negative relations to this advantage include access to explicit material, increased states of violence, cheating in school examination, and engaging in illegal and disruptive activities that never existed before.

Teenagers living in the 1900s were introverted and highly dependent on parents as sole authorities and sources of information. That is not the case today because the internet and different mainstream and social media outlets provide unlimited information to teenagers. In general, more teenagers have access to secondary and higher education today as opposed to the past. This brings about a more educated and informed teenage group. Ultimately, they form social organizations, participate in various competitions, and engage in societal activities. Contrarily, teenagers a century ago were more passive and dissociated from one another.

Changes in religious and social structures across the century have also affected teenagers’ lives in various ways. A century ago, girl child education was contestable, gender roles were separate for boys and girls, racism and discrimination were rife in learning institutions, and religion was adhered to as a source of morality and guidance. 

Today, all institutions advocate for equality in opportunities and roles between girls and boys. Racism and discrimination progressively fade away as the world approaches a more integrated global position. However, many parents are so preoccupied with fending for their families that they rarely have time for their teenagers. As a result, they do not take their children to church regularly. The result is a deteriorated state among teenagers in relation ethics and morality.

Many differences outstandingly appear when comparing the lives of teenagers today and a hundred years ago. The use of integrated technology in communication, education, and entertainment has made today’s teenagers more informed and socialized than those a hundred years ago. The rate at which teenagers access education has also increased. Additionally, changes in social structures have led to an increase in girl child education, shared roles, and reduced cases of racism and discrimination. On the negative, associated technology has brought about increased immorality and violence among teenagers today.


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