Does AutoZone Replace Windshield Wipers for Free?

Windshield wipers are as important to safety on the road as your seat belts are. You may not use your windshield wipers every time you drive, but when it rains, you want them to be effective. The rubber squeegee part won’t last forever. One good rule of thumb is to change your windshield wipers every February for Groundhog Day. It doesn’t matter what Punxsutawney Phil predicts. If there’s six more weeks of winter, you’ll want fresh windshield wipers for dealing with snow and sleet. If Phil predicts an early spring, you’ll need windshield wipers for March showers.

How Often Should You Replace Windshield Wiper Blades? 

Windshield wiper blades need to be replaced at least once a year. You should check them every six months, because they can wear out quicker. The rubber squeegee part can deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays or ozone. Car waxes and other types of oil can also cause the blades to weaken. To make your windshield wipers last longer:

  • Don’t use your wipers to de-ice your windshield. Use an ice scraper.
  • When you fill your gas tank, clean the windshield.
  • Wipe down the rubber squeegee with a damp towel to remove dirt and oil.

Does AutoZone Install Windshield Wiper Blades? 

AutoZone technicians will usually help you install your windshield wiper blades, but you may need to ask for assistance. AutoZone features many services for DIY car owners. The loan a tool program gives you access to tools that you may only use once. Installing windshield wipers doesn’t take any special tools. Most car owners can install wipers without much help.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windshield Wipers?jkyjl8hmk

The price of windshield wipers varies. You should plan on spending between $15 to $30 per wiper blade on your vehicle. It can depend on what features you want. You can choose beam blades that naturally conform to the windshield. Traditional wipers are straight and use a hinge to conform to the glass. Beam blades usually cost more, but they can give you a cleaner glass. Performance spoilers on the wiper prevents wind drag and eliminates debris buildup. Go for an aerodynamic style.

Wiper blades that are made to be sturdy without many moving parts will generally last longer than cheaper versions. You don’t want the wiper blade to use clips or rings to attach the rubber to the frame, because this attachment isn’t as secure in tough weather as infused rubber. Don’t wait until it rains to replace your wiper blades. Do research ahead of time on the best type for your vehicle and the way you drive. Get your wiper blades installed when it’s dry. Once the blades are installed, you should run the wipers for a few minutes to make sure you got them on correctly.

Wondering what size windshield wipers do I need? AutoZone technicians can help you find the right wiper blades that fit your vehicle. You can also search online for the right blades. Shop for auto parts to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Save yourself the headache when you’re driving in bad weather by taking care of your wiper blades.

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