Best Bicycles In 2020 for Road, City & Trail Rides


The rides you plan to take determine the best bicycle you can buy. Bikes are built for different riding styles and terrain. Road riders may prioritize distance and speed while riders of city bikes may need to comfortably carry cargo. Hybrid and mountain bikes are better suited for trail riding. Find out more about the best new bikes for each of these riding styles.

Road Rides

The best road bicycles tend to have lightweight frames, narrow tires and drop or curled handlebars. These bikes are designed for riding on paved surfaces and tend to be lighter and faster than other bike builds. You may prefer a road bike with either recreational or performance geometry. Road bikes typically do not have front or rear suspension.

Cyclists who plan to ride on the road but do not prioritize speed may prefer a road bike with a flat bar and more upright sitting position. Flat bar recreational road bikes overlap with bikes intended for urban rides. If you are not riding far distances or at top speeds, you may want a bike with wider tires and shock absorption to ride comfortably on paved roads.

City Riding

The top bicycles for riding in city environments tend to be comfortable, versatile and have options for carrying cargo. Commuter bikes may be the best choice for riders who bike as a primary means of transportation. Regular riders can determine which features and number of speeds are necessary for traveling over flat or hilly terrain. If you plan to take bike routes or venture off the beaten path, you may want to consider hybrid bikes for sale.

Casual riders may like comfort or cruiser bikes that even out bumps in the road and have frames designed for carrying groceries and other cargo. Electric bikes are also very popular options for urban riding. A battery and motor make it possible to travel up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist or up to 20 miles per hour on full electric power.

Trail Rides

Riding off-road on unpaved trails will be most comfortable on a mountain bike or hybrid bike, depending on the distance and intensity of riding. Different bike designs are better suited for cross-country, downhill or trail riding. The best bike will correspond most closely to how and where you ride.

The best option for basic recreational trail riding could be a hybrid bike. These bikes combine features of road and mountain bikes for the best frame, wheels and tires for riding on both paved and unpaved surfaces. A hybrid bike comes with all of the features you will need to venture further off-road than you could on a comfort, cruiser or road bike. Hybrid bikes also tend to be less specialized for particular styles of trail riding than dedicated mountain bikes.

Start the process of finding the best bicycle by matching the rides you want to take with the features of a build. Comparing the riding style, speeds, frame design and weight of different bikes can point you toward the best choice for the way you ride.

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