Dress to Express: A Complete Guide to Fashion That Speaks

The phrase “dress to impress” gets thrown around a lot, especially in the career setting. Indeed, it could apply to occasions where a good impression is a central intention like job interviews, project proposals, important meetings, etc. But ultimately, dressing up shouldn’t be limited by matters of people’s opinions. For many, fashion is a form of self-expression, an outlet for each of our unique identities. Fashion speaks.

And just like our identities, our clothes shouldn’t hide. Those outrageously big hoop earrings you’ve always wanted to wear shouldn’t stay buried, nor should those gold metallic leggings you’ve had for ages but never found fit for any event.

Read the following guide and see why no outfit is too extreme for anyone with enough nerve.

Does it feel like you?

First and foremost, prioritise how you feel in the pieces you’ve put together. Wearing the perfect outfit almost feels like being in the perfect second skin. Do the clothes represent you well?

Often, we feel the need to conform to how society tells us to dress. These predetermined notions merely base on superficial qualities, such as our body type, height & weight, skin colour, and even gender. But if an outfit screams your name and you feel your best in it, then who can stop you from deciding to wear it?

It’s hard to stay unbothered by judging eyes, but this will naturally come once we’ve genuinely internalised that we’re dressing for our sake and not theirs. After all, you’re getting the pleasing reward of feeling good about yourself without the unnecessary stress of scrutinising other people.

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is relative. Some feel more comfortable covered up while some feel more at ease showing skin. Both are perfectly valid choices. You can also spice them up equally in your little ways.

Also, consider the material of your garments. You can ask yourself if you can last in them throughout the day and through the activities that you plan to undertake. Looking good is one thing, but looking good while also feeling comfortable is just another level of satisfaction.

Another reason to consider comfort and to not patronise the “no pain, no gain” mantra in fashion is that you want to make sure fashion enhances your experiences and not limit them. Fashion must be freeing! Dress all out while also maximising the range of actions you want to do. Choose some super lightweight and stretchable pieces like the gold metallic leggings, which are equally comfortable and head-turning.

Brands don’t matter

Between thrifting, shopping in department stores, or going to luxury shops, not a single activity exceeds the other in terms of fashion value. Shop where you feel you can make the most out of your money, time, and imagination. With an eye for quality pieces, you can put together equally attractive outfits no matter where you choose to buy. Still, you can look like a million dollars, either literally or figuratively, or both. Also, remember that the only impression you need to worry about is of yourself.

If you know that you look good and feel good, you can conquer the world. There’s nothing like feeling unstoppable both mentally and visually.

Fashion is truly a haven for those who wish to be fearless.

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