Equipment That Can Help Improve Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Obesity is one of the most prominent challenges the world is facing today. It causes lifestyle problems like Diabetes, Knee problems, Hypertension and life-threatening situations like heart attacks and Anginal heart failure.  As weight loss is one of the fastest ways to address health problems, Bariatric surgery is getting increasingly popular. Today, Bariatric surgery is the most powerful method of shedding extra unhealthy weight and keeping the weight away in the long run.

Bariatric surgery is performed on your stomach and it works on your natural digestion capacity, or simply stated,  how your body processes the ingested food.  In short, it trains your stomach on digesting food more effectively. By making your stomach much smaller than its current size, surgeons change the capacity of your stomach. Even little amounts of food make you feel fuller and that too, sooner. As a result, one eats less food and consumes lesser calories. This is how the weight loss kick starts and you start getting slimmer.

Though it sounds very easy and pleasant, all surgeries have a long recovery process attached on the other side, and bariatric surgery also puts your body through the same. Yes! Bariatric Surgery can be a big deal. Days and weeks after the surgery might be strenuous and tough. You might have to make changes in your daily lifestyle activities. Hence, making an advance arrangement is ideal. Our homes are different from hospitals and this can be challenging for patients. Bariatric surgery puts your body through many changes so carrying on daily activities in the same house set-up might be difficult.

So, does it mean that you need to move houses now? No, all you need to do is get equipment that will help you get through the post-surgical six weeks of recovery. Click here to see a list of equipment you might want to get for your recovery days to be smoother.

Bariatric Toilet and Bath equipment –

After you come back home, it is imperative to be safe. Hence, getting a bath board for the edge of the bathtub is a great idea. This will provide a safe, stable, and comfortable seating area. Another such equipment that can double up for toilet and bath use is a mobile shower commode. These commodes could enhance convenience, comfort, and care. The bariatric commode is a great stable seat that can be deployed for both toilets and shower.  Depending on the patient’s preference in headrests, backrests, armrests, and footrests, variations are available.

Bariatric Bedroom Equipment-

After surgery, the patient spends a lot of time in his bed, but your usual bed might not be as comfortable now. Bariatric beds offer great bedroom care and comfort.  Getting bedside commodes, beds, overlays, mattresses, and a variety of bedroom accessories can work well towards patient recovery. As recovery involves a fair amount of lying down, an air mattress keeps the skin ventilated.

Bariatric Sitting equipment-

A good posture could contribute a lot to recovery. Getting a bariatric chair like a recliner, and arrangements as footstools and proper leg rest are helpful. All these seating options offer safe, stable, comfortable and supportive structures that improve the patient’s comfort, support, maneuverability, and functionality.

Bariatric Walking assistance-

Walking is the next big step in the recovery process. Depending upon the patient’s fitness level, getting a quality pair of crutches, walkers, forearm walkers or walking frames might be helpful in bariatric recovery. Equipment with padded tops and handgrips could provide comfort and support. If the equipment is installed with rubber tips at the base, it ensures stability on all kinds of floors.

In addition to the above, other useful pieces of equipment that can make a significant contribution towards the recovery, and wellbeing of the patient are bariatric patient hoists and handling equipment. Moreover, scales and measurement devices to measure the level of patient recovery after bariatric surgery are also important. Needless to say, bariatric wheelchairs that are comfortable as per the individual concerned make sure that the patient’s spine and back are protected all through the recovery process.



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